Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Writers & Poets" as dreamy idealists.

(Dah lama tak tulis dan masih kekok dengan layout baru).

I had to run away from whatever that was. And man, I was depressed. Easily emotionally affected by the situations around me (as usual).

Withdrawing from the depression, still.

So I suppose it is best to sought back to things we used to know. Things that I suppose are safe. Not at all a comfort zone, but when you go out there and they differ so much. Or rather, you tend to put a high expectation on a certain something and it just proves the opposite.

I suppose it is equivalent to the value of money. If you produce too much of it, the value decreases.

The same. All the same.

And I am reminded of days when I doubt poetry and its connotations. But when there are too much of 'poetry' going on, you just know the beauty of it fades.

Like pretty girls. And each of us talks of wanting to be different.

In the first place, who constitutes poetry? Sure 'Art' is vague.

And the difference between people who are doing it for money and the passion of it. Those differ too, and it shows.

This is the real world I reckon, even in literature. And I thought writers & poets ("writers & poets" really) were dreamy idealists.

Thanks for reminding me that there's no 'real' escape from the real world I suppose. And reminding me of personal preferences.