Tuesday, June 26, 2007


"You are the call and I am the answer. You are the wish, and I the fulfillment. You are the night, and I the day. What else? It is perfect enough. It is perfectly complete. You and I."

D.H. Lawrence.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


"Reality, however, has a sliding floor."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Selamat pagi Malaysia. Kini aku telah dilahirkan sebagai anak jati Malaysia. Tapi apa itu Malaysia? Bukankah asalnya dia akan tetap mempunyai komponen yang sama dan jati walau diberi nama yang lain. Seperti sasterawan terkenal, William Shakespeare telah ungkapkan di dalam pementasan cinta beliau yang amat dikenali, Romeo and Juliet :
" Juliet: What is there in a name? Whatever name we may call a rose by it would smell as sweet.."
Jadi pada pagi ini, ingin aku mengcungkilkan lagi buah pemikiran aku.

Flaws flaws and more flaws. What's there in the true reality? What is reality anyway? Is it your dream? Or is it your life? What? Is it only when sensed by your sensory? Or is it what the majority has implement in our daily lives? Is it us leading our passion or us doing what they want? Or simply us living to be in the race as well?

Let me ask you my dear readers, how do you know what is here, what is already laid out is the real truth? How do you really know that the tree is really a tree? Scientifically, of course you would explain all from the stems to the chlorophyll which makes it green. But how do you really know it is really a tree but not a flower? Just because someone from the past has named it a tree, and voila, it is a tree. But what is the pure truth? Truth. Like what we have religiously follow throughout our lives, leading lives based on what the authority has set. Isn't a line is already drawn out for you? How do you know that the God you are following right now is the real truth? Please do no misunderstand me, I am not trying to condemn other religions other than mine, I'm just questioning as a thinking being, just how do you know it is the real truth?

Like you can't certified all of these pass down "folklore" teachings like the SIRIM certifies our electrical goods. No. Is it real what are written in your books? Is it real what is written in your History books? Is it real what is written about your religion? Metaphysical stuffs. Things that are abstract and it is beyond our ability to discover the whole real truthful answer.

Today, frankly I state that for the first time, I am terrified by life. I am terrified of the truth, I am terrified with the world. Just everywhere is filled with little holes of flaws. The world is selfish. Let me tell you this, look at yourself then stare at the people around you, read the papers, watch the TV, and think, what is true? What is reality?

How do YOU know? JUST HOW?
For all you know, tomorrow rises up a man that stands and summon his people that they should bow to him, as he is truth, he is the creator, he is real, he is..

"Do you swear to state about nothing but the truth and the only truth?"
"I swear to state about nothing but the truth and the only truth."

"In this world, there are 3 truths, your truth, my truth and the whole truth."

Monday, June 04, 2007

Otak ku mesin peperangan.



Preparing for the midterm of Intro. to Philosophy was, like arming yourself with equipments and psychologically preparing yourself for the war between diplomatics relationships, fighting for rights. It was too silent when reading the text of course, but yet too loud that I couldn't even hear my thoughts. It was like drowning in a waterless pool, seeking a way out of the surface. Seriously, it was just two chapters and yet its like putting your naked ears right in front of a speeding formula one car. One of the questions was;


So there I was, cracking my head searching for the perfect answer to score the "perfect" score which at this point seem impossible as no one can obtain 10 over 10 you see. It is just not how marking scheme works - only except if it is for mathematics. Since it was an open book test, and mind you, it is not easy though it is an open book. At least for me as my mind-set has already been set this way. So anyways, I answered that EXCUSABILITY depends on factors, consequences and also of course the major role of it, the society and the authority. Obviously all of us are aware to certain point that the society once again manage to play important roles in our lives. What is so special with the locals anyway? (Don't get me wrong.) So anyway, the authority being the political leaders manage to plant the seed in ourselves and nourish them into "unwritten" or rather "unformalized" guidelines to lead our lives. Of course it is also influenced by the cultures and religions of the society. You see, the authority managed to plant these moral values into us the society and therefore, whatever the majority accept as the right thing, it is ought or rather mainstream-ly accepted as the right thing to do. So I gave the example of the prostitution of a mother, inspired by Yasmin Ahmad's movie, Gubra as well as the poem A Figure Not to Be Forgotten, I'm sorry I forgot who the author is. Anyway, take an example of a single mother in our colorful country, Malaysia commits prostitution as her rice pot. Of course providing that she leads a tough life, kids to nourish, financially ruined, irresponsible ex-husband leaving her with his debts with the mushrooming Ah Longs. Also given that it is impossible to gain instant checks with big figures on it overnight to continue living. Of course it is almost impossible for her to work 24/7 as we humans have limits; physically, mentally etc. So then, she commits prostitution as it is the fastest way to get big bucks in just one night. However, of course us being in Malaysia, it is condemned by majority. Of course being it "is just not our culture" and that it is against the main religion in the country, Islam. I'm pretty sure too that it is not a wise choice in other religions as well. Therefore, she is condemned by the society, looked down by her family. What is she to do? She risks her life, her pride, her dignity to provide sufficient financial security to the children she gave birth to. Of course a handful who are not so mainstream somehow can accept the fact of this woman's prostitution. Eg: From the film Gubra, the Pak Imam and wife casually accept that their friend is a prostitute given the same circumstances. Despite the fact that she is a Muslim and they being a "family role" in the Muslim society. So then the question remains; is it excusable for the prostitute to commit her actions in order to keep her kids' welfare in security? Of course majority would then approach the, why doesn't seek authorities' help? Or perhaps report the doings of the Ah Longs? The list goes on, but the question still remains. The summary of this is that, my idea of excusability is that it varies in different society. Also it is contributed by factors, consequences and also the society and the authority. To a person who strongly believes in God, of course would say that religion is the most factor one must weigh in order to justify excusability. As for me, I do believe in God, therefore I think it is vital to weigh the religious perspective before approaching to others. And my idea of excusability is that, the most vital factor to the influential society carry the most weight in this matter then other factors come next.


Of course I did not write as good as this. Hope it deserves good grades but I know I don't as I did not really my full effort to really indulge in the text book. Its a slacking semester ya' know?

Once again, I would like to apologize to my ever faithful readers for keeping you in line for a month. =) I know there is no "date lines" but I just do not think it is right to keep you waiting for more words and "wisdom" from this blogger.

Here's to my dear half, and my faithful readers and of course to Allah S.A.W who have rewarded me with such great life.

Please increase my knowledge dear readers. Especially within this week.

"Trying to fit the world inside a picture frame."

The life of the bionicle man's family.

Kami kesepian.

There, I've put my personal favorite pictures captured by me. It is rare to get nice shots. So haha, hope it is an eye candy.

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