Thursday, November 22, 2007


Here was what I was thinking during BIO class.

To conform to religion or to social norms?

The answer might just be crystal clear, but here's the catch : Why are still there conforming to social norms?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


My kid brother said to me few minutes ago :

"I wish God can take away all my emotions.
I hate emotions, especially love."

That coming from a kid who is about to get his UPSR result this Thursday.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Jiwang Jane.

Try to run down the street in your shorts when you are 5, you'd fall down and injure your knees with cuts and blood. As weird as I might sound, I recall running and falling and wounding my knees. Funny thing is, I remember me and Ms. Lipgloss saying we miss getting our knees injured.

To whom would you tell your tale of your daily adventure?

You are having the time of your life, running around playing a game called the kiss and tell. Chasing other genders around, filling your teenagers' tanks. But then you fall aimlessly, chasing for the one you thought was made for you, the one you thought you loved. In the end, you came running back to the one that has always loved you even when you're the size of a zygote.

Would you still hold their hands when you are autonomous?

Its like living in two different time zones. One talking tales of the inner world, the other building plugged reality. Intense karmic bond. Its like the yin and yang. You thought opposite attracts, like the magnets. On the contrary, experts said the same tracks keep you running. But you believed in this little thing.

How would you keep track of each other?

I was saying about how minor this little passion helps you find the thing you wanted in life. Maybe I was wrong, being too obsessed with what I was looking for. Maybe this is one of the road that would lead us to the other road.

Love means letting go. So you move far from your square one. But you would still look back every now and then cause it made you, you.

Love means forgive. So you find the strength to be better, you find the guts that would never come to apologize cause you know time would not wait too long.

Love means tolerance. So you calculate the percentage to equilibrium-waiting and hoping;cause you know patience is only testable at a low rate.

Friday, November 09, 2007


All the good things in life.


Syawal with the kids.

Don't you find it sick for people to laugh at scenes where hitting others are involved? I mean, cartoons have that, and kids laugh. Its just sick.

There was this kid, shouting in mandarin the last time I was in a retail store. Oh boy, was she in a mood to be loud and dramatic. But it was catchy. She shouted for her mother who was busy going through every possible inch of cloth while her father was leaving the store. It was heart felting. She shouted and shouted for her mother to be quick. Father is going already. Mom mom mom! Faster!

Guess its in the child's heart to stick together.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Across the universe!

Have you ever notice people often sing about these changing phases?

Change, change, change.
And I'm starting to think its a cliché.
I guess we are all still adapting to the changing phases in our lives. Be it a small change or a huge one. One way or the other, we would eventually realize that life would not be the same without it especially when you value this change dearly.

It could be the lost of a dear friend.

It could be the lost of a routine.

It could be the lost of time.

But somehow we manage to move on forward without really being aware that we are losing these little portions of our lives. We walk through this road so full of ourselves and we don't really stop and observe the spaces between.

When the time comes, it all crumbles down like biscuit crumbs on the floor. So tiny, so hard to gather and useless as food. So annoying when all the crumbs stick on your wet feet. When the time comes, it would be hard to gather them back.

However, regardless how valuable that life portion of yours means, it would still be lost from your physical abilities but still manage to steal a soft spot in your mind. The place of personal conscious. When you hide trying to run, it would come after all. Its like a never ending Police and Thief. When you face it with a brave heart, it would still make you weak inside.

No matter how you deal with the subject, you would still feel a certain ache inside. What is so special anyway? Maybe its how it impact your life, one way or the other. You would often look back. I told you its not a bad thing to look back at square one. One would still have to face their fears, instantly or in the long-term.

People fall to lost.

"Nothing's gonna change my world,"
Across the universe. The Beatles.

Does this make any sense to you?