Friday, December 29, 2006

Back from silent nights.

Haha, so I guess I didn't really stick to my word whereby I said I would continue blogging. Just to stick to my word, for the record, I've been BUSY (and so everyone says that) AND I have a bloody RETARDED (sorry sayang, but its TRUE) PC. But my Pc is back to normal, changed the power supply and yeah, =) (you may know EXACTLY why I'm smiling and where EXACTLY I'm blogging from) OH! Anyway, the screen very besar lah. HOHO. Ok, stop being a show off Naddy.

So, after days of silence from me through my blog and my "keling" language;
Here goes nothing;


If you've read my last post, you would know I started working few weeks ago. And yah it was a 14days job, and hey hey, it just ended a couple of days ago.
Yes it was fun no doubt, with that three psychotic fatties (only they're not fat) and there were some days we chew each other heads off and there were some days our friends tagged along, no doubt we would miss the days, on my side at least, not sure about them though. And I know they secretly read my blog, but they're all very senyap. So here's to you guys, you know who you are. =)
And loiter around looking for foreign workers is not a very easy job ok! You have to jalan-jalan and look around, approach them, and all we did was scaring them away, afraid that we were there to check whether they're here in Malaysia illegally or so. Ho. Whatever happened to all the banteras the pendatang haram? I could start one super long essay on the effects on our country and the residents here, but SPM dah habis, so macam malas, plus, you would get bored anyway, gotta learn how to make it short and sweet. (How? With my messed up and complicated head? Haha. We'll find a way.) So yah, 14 days passed, I'm gonna miss you guys!

New phase of life.

"There're many things that I would like to say to YOU but I don't know how."

So so, college is starting say about 3 days time. Actually its just orientation week but, still? I would have to pack my stuffs and carry it up the stairs, and clean my room up etc etc. Its kinda sad that its finally here, but the other half of me is all hyped up! You decide. Actually, I'll decide. But insyaAllah, things will be fine. I'm all ready for this, emotionally, physically and mentally. So yeah. Anyways, there are many things I would like to tell, or rather post about, but I guess its pretty much twisted and personal. So so, anyways, all I can say is, we'll figure things out and I hope things will end well. Both ways.

Lipgloss and Makeup's Birthday

I should say it was REALLY havoc in the morning! But then Marshall planned a surprise birthday party for his DEAREST B, awww, so sweet? =) So after work, (which btw, the next day they got fired) we were to meet up at his mom's cafe and so we did. Haha. He planned this weird thing to took her out but this buy that to delay time. It was really cute and sweet of him lah kan. =) So, never put your hopes too high.

Geek with hot shoes' barbeque dinner.

BEST lah. JUMPA PAPERBAGGED OK!! Saya sangat rindu awak tau MAKCIK!

Final say;

I think I've lost my capability to write panjang panjang, or I'm just tired and blanked.
Anyways, it just keeps growing. Trust me. Its a good thing, isn't it?

OK selamat malam then.
May peace be upon you.

Monday, December 11, 2006


This could be the very minute
I'm aware I'm alive
All these places feel like home

With a name I'd never chosen
I can make my first steps
As a child of 25

This is the straw, final straw in the
Roof of my mouth as I lie to you
Just because I'm sorry doesn't mean
I didn't enjoy it at the time.

You're the only thing that I love
Scares me more every day
On my knees I think clearer

Goodness knows I saw it coming
Or at least I'll claim I did
But in truth I'm lost for words

What have I done? It's too late for that
What have I become? Truth is nothing yet
A simple mistake starts the hardest time
I promise I'll do anything you ask, this time.

P/s: Much much warmth and love.

These songs eat me.

Been counting down the days til my next post have you? Sorry folks. Was kinda not in the mood to crap or should I say kinda lost the charm to cheer you folks with ridiculous nuisance? So anyway, today was tiring - did I mention all we do is sit and wait for Mr. Johnny to brief us for about like 15 minutes? And we waited for like; 2 hours? Wow. Anyway, we chatted with Ming, the guy we were under about his job and studies and all. So yah pretty much kinda to kill the time. So we definitely killed the time! But not pretty good enough. But whatever. It was kinda fun I guess, get to spend time with friends; ok pretty much only Geek-in-hot-shoes, Mr.Cabman and Cabman's brother. Before college. I ABSOLUTELY want to spend time with my other darlings; tiny ASK, LipGloss and MakeUp, Paperbagged friend, Sunshine, Chocolates (Steph this is you in case you do not know) and my FAMILY of course. Time's totally been hectic and pretty much envy me for the past week. And there's only 3 weeks left. And I pretty much have no time left for them. =/ Since the job's here and all. Yeah. Look, I know I've promised you people and all. I know its kinda crappy. But yah I do not want you to think after school means its time for us to separate our ways apart. Though I can pretty much its coming sooner or later, but ITS TOO BLOOODY SOOON!!!!!!!!!
=/ I'm not even done being a kid yet!!! What more a college student? You know dining hall passes, laundries using coins, carrying your notebook around, and lying on the green grass reading books (which I'm pretty sure we DO NOT DO this in MALAYSIA - who wants to baring on "green grass" but ended up is fulled with taik lembu? ) Ok NO OFFENSE, but am I not right? So yah, it pretty much sucked the past week. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed staying home, went out for movie etc. BUT, I wish I can just get ready for the new year in school you know? Buy school books, get uniforms, shoes, etc etc etc!! =/ I SERIOUSLY AM GOING TO MISS SCHOOL OK! So anyway, yeah, it sucks cause I can't really spend time with them all before college. IT REALLY DOES. AND I'M LEAVING FOR COLLEGE SOON.

Did I mention I went shopping? Well OH YES I DID. We were suppose to go to Midvalley, but hey, being a resident in the Klang Valley, of course you would know how hectic it is in the pool of engines and dirt? So we divert our journey to KLCC. Bliss. The shop there is paradise. Oh did I mention paradise? Filled tummy with sushi and oh so sedap wasabi! Only that I had sake then I ate a bowl of udon - with lots of wasabi in it. Pretty much all geared up for hitting the stores. ( Padahal pergi Isetan and Kickers and TopShop je kan ) Anyway, what? we spent most of our time at Isetan ok. Tiring. The old man needs new closet for his work attire. And so there we were at the men's department. Zzzz. Who wants to see 50 year olds buying suits? Well not me. Maybe that old single datin. But certainly not me. So I made my way to The Gallery. Where there was this fascinating sign that says; up to 90%. OH ALRIGHT MAM! So I did. Marc Jacobs? Moschino? YOU NAME IT. Only you have to hand me at least 5k RM to but the tops there! THERE WAS THIS PRETTTTY SWEATER. *digging hand inside the sweater for the price tag* RM 3980.00. OK Nad act normal act normal. HOLY CRAPPP!!!!!!!!!!!! OK; the best part is, its 80% OFF! so its like RM 900.00 ++ Good bargain eh? (Start cursing **&*^&%^&$%^#%^#) So forget it woman, if I'm the next Paris Hilton ( minus the slutty background of hers ) maybe I can buy you tops from there. But not now. Made my way to mom, and smirked. Told her the price and how pretty the sweater was and she said, "Mahal nak mampos - designer clothes, what do you expect?" Boohoo.
What's the difference anyway? Like think about it, what's the difference? Made out from the same cloth most probably. So there you have it.
TOPSHOP TOPSHOP; bought some stuff there. That's it. Then I went to the loo, for like 5 times at KLCC itself. What? Its NAD; haven't you heard? =)

Shut off the little voice inside my head please! Getting annoying I know.
Seems kinda happy with his life now; so kudos to him I suppose?
Good to know. Yes.

OK pretty much want to head for bed. LONG DAY TOMORROW.

Selamat Malam.

Have heart my dear, we're bound to be afraid.
Even if its just for a few days;

Friday, December 08, 2006

The best things come from nowhere.

Where do best things come from? Do you realize them as soon as you know its there? Or do you realize it as soon as they back off? Well, for starters, mostly realized as soon as they back of a little. However, they thought they wouldn't back off as far as they could. Because you know why? Because, they thought no matter whatever they did, they're forgiven, they're excused. They thought they could escape with it, again. So, they tend to ignore. Not completely. But you know, just notice it a little and back to they way they were. Cheers. So when the best things left, they would either whine, beg, steal or put a cover. Things to your mind off. You know, make yourself occupied with things, carry the world on your shoulders, play along with fate and put up strong. Hey, you can survive another day. But one day you would realize that its not there anymore and you know you would eventually have to face your frights, your tears augmenting in the sun. To lose the best thing in life is a great heartfelt grief. To lose your best friend since you were a kid, the one you built sandcastles with at family vacation, the one you chased boys full of hatred with, the one that walked with you in junior high, the one that went to senior prom with you. But what happened if you are bound to not make new ones? Like going through pre natal together, or be each others bridesmaid or having one hell of a hen party? But however you're left hanging with your thoughts. Your memories with your best friend? Or would you just go through with it just like nothing happened and move on with your life? Don't ask me why I'm blogging from the most emotional spot of mine. I'm just blogging after I've watched the third episode of season 4 of The O.C. Typical teenie weenie show. Melodramatic. Tell me all about it. But wait a minute, ask yourself this; how would you be? Have you appreciate them enough? You know when they said the best things come from above? Is it true? How far is it then? Or do you believe that they just popped out of nowhere? Well I believe that;

That the best things come for a reason;
The best things in life are there because of you.

Its like when you fall head over heels, and you know impress them etc or do whatever that you guys do to win the hearts. Or like the mother would sacrifice her pain and sickness to walk her kid to school because of her MPV's flat tyre? But years after you just made one mistake. One stupid mistake. You got distracted with your life, you turn your back around, and POOF they're backing off. So when there's lack of attention from you, you would soon find that there's this silent current going on. Or when you got another girl or a boy. That soon you would forget the one who stood by you. Or when the mother is racing hard through the rat race. Pretty much how the karma works. Like the wheel. So you see, they're there because of you. You made them there. But, when you're not there, you would lose them. Maybe not instantly, maybe not few days after that, maybe not few months later. But you will one day when you pretty much do not do anything about it. When you pretty much convinced yourself that they will still be there. Well guess what? They would eventually realize that they have their own lives to run. And they're pretty much running their lives for you now. But they will realize. Soon you will see. Soon. Let me tell you this, no matter where you are, no matter how tough your relationships with your dad, your mom, your family, your friends or your loved ones are just don't get distracted. That stupid mistake of yours would bring massive impact on someone. One way or the other. OKOK I pretty much sound F CHEESY. So er well, I think I'm gonna go now.

"For a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself."

Thursday, December 07, 2006

I love you through sparks and shining dragons eyes.

There are many shampoo bottles on my toilet's shelves. Half empty, half full. And my tempted heart wants to use a new one. Bloody greedy kid. More like wasting. "What? I'll ask my adik to use them lah." Whatever. HUMANS. They keep wanting more or rather new stuff for their lusts. You know, good things come to good use. And so they think it will. And they tend to forget how the old ones made them better at things, they tend to forget where they stood. Oh well. You know well I think you know what I mean. Well if you don't, sorry person, you don't fit in this blog. Great, I'll have less readers. Good thing I reckon? Less people know about my life. More like my absolute empty words. Anyways, this whole emo crap gets me today. Pardon me. Been slacking, what? I'm a kid who slacks! At least I don't go in front of your porch drunk and whine begging for sympathy. Laugh kid! We'll see who does that in ten years time. Anyway, the day gets weirder. No, no blank cheque appeared in my mailbox or something. And probably by then, I'll be scared to death but whatever, blank cheque means unlimited amount. Oh! God. I sound like a bloody materialistic bitch right now. And really sorry for my language tonight folks. Not quite right in the head. Nah, no shots involved. Long tough day. Actually I was just in front of the bloody pc watching melodramatic soaps and crying to them. God, how miserable can that be, and how dumb can I sound. If I ought to be watching over myself, I would probably throw a banana at myself. Or probably eggs. Ew gross and not to mention messy. My mom would probably hunt me down. So anyway, I should be asleep RIGHT NOW. And God knows what's waiting for me in the next minute, that being a new day. ANYWAYS, I better cure myself ALONE. Thats pretty much I can do right now, you know self therapy and all. ;) What? Its kinda good you know. Make yourself less depending on people. Yah right woman. Whatever. Anyway, I don't really have much to type about anyway, or rather crap. So i'm gonna go now.

And yah, you would think I'm gonna make it shorter everyday. Nah, I'll prove you wrong. I'm a talented writer. ( HAHA so I claimed to be. ) OK that was another not so funny joke. Whatever man. Cheers. Goodnight and good morning.

Angry Nerd.

Don't even ask me why. My head pounds like the bloody bass drum that goes THUMP THUMP THUMP. Don't even get me started or I'll start screwing your ass off. I can chew your bloody head off right now. I'm pretty much, well not PRETTY MUCH, ITS F HELL A LOT MORE THAN YOUR FATHER OWNS a month. OK. I know I sound so cheesy and you'd probably say, "Hey get a life, it's a SMALL thing." Fine then I would blame my unbalanced hormones. Because unfortunately that causes PMS. So be it. No I'm not gonna TELL you all the "Oh-so-sad-story-of-mine-and-whine-for-your-sympathy". Nah. Kids stuff. You know what? I'll probably go out ALONE or something and get my mind off things. So cheers. F the world today. No No. F ME. I'm pretty much a spoiled ass.

Don't even ask why its no draggy. I'll get nasty. So back off.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

No such thing.

"Welcome to the real world, she said to me
Take a seat, take your life
Plot it out in black and white
Well I never lived the dreams of the prom kings
And the drama queens
I'd like to think the best of me
Is still hiding up my sleeve

They love to tell you
Stay inside the lines
But something's better
On the other side

I wanna run through the halls of my high school
I wanna scream at the
Top of my lungs
I just found out there's no such thing as the real world
Just a lie you've got to rise above

So the good boys and girls take the so called right track
Faded white hats
Grabbing credits and maybe transfers
They read all the books but they can't find the answers
And all of our parents
They're getting older
I wonder if they've wished for anything better
While in their memories
Tiny tragedies

They love to tell you
Stay inside the lines
But something's better
On the other side
I wanna run through the halls of my high school
I wanna scream at the top of my lungs
I just found out there's no such thing as the real world
Just a lie you got to rise above

I am invincible
I am invincible
I am invincible
As long as I'm alive

I wanna run through the halls of my high school
I wanna scream at the
Top of my lungs
I just found out there's no such thing as the real world
Just a lie you've got to rise above
I just can't wait til my 10 year reunion
I'm gonna bust down the double doors
And when I stand on these tables before you
You will know what all this time was for"

Ladies and gentlemen,
courtesy of Mr John Mayer; No Such Thing.

Great great song. Gets to me every time. And well, I went Subang Parade for quite few hours. Guess what? I need to get a summer job. Only its nearly winter on the other side of the world. Its monsoon season here in Malaysia, right at the garisan khatulistiwa. So its either HOT HOT HOT or RAIN RAIN RAIN. But we should appreciate it. Its not like in the desert or something. No water, drought. Like in the looking for the rain God, where they ended up killing kids for rain, which is superstitious and stupid I might add. And didn't I tell you? I've been wasting empty time slots blogging. Eh, what the heck. I probably am filling your ample time browsing the internet and what do you know? You're sneak peeking at my life. So it works both ways backo! I write you read. Great team! SCORE!! I'm happy to post my empty words. Because I'M BORED. And did I mention I had 2 movies in line waiting for me last night? Guess what? I didn't watch it. Ended up watching Gilmore girls on pc. ;D So yah, I've been growing up since Junior High with that TV series. Only now I'm faster than National TV. What wonders streamyx + pc can do. Only somehow its illegal. Oops. Still a true Malaysian hidden there. So yah, back at my so called summer job, mom says its just to fill time in before college which by the way its in 3-4 weeks time. I don't mind though. I had a job last year, was working as a waitress. Bloody hell tiring. But good experience though. So I was thinking somewhere near Taipan right, since its nearer and all. And there was this Art Gallery there once, and WOW I BET IS FRIGGIN NICE TO WORK IN AN ART GALLERY! Don't you think so? So I passed the gallery today, guess its already closed. Tak ada rezeki lah saya. Tell me about it! Low response from the residence of USJ i reckon. So anyway, just as long as its not koman. ;D So was thinking of a bookstore maybe? But big bookshop macam all Chinese? Don't think they'll employ a Malay kid. Not being a racist here, don't get me wrong! Probably they want someone who can speak mandarine or cantonese well. And all I can say is "Ngo em sek gong cantonese ah." or "Em koi sai." or "Sei lah lei!" or "Lei sek mei ah?" or "Ngo chiow sin ah." etc etc. That's cantonese in case you do not know, and now my mandarin side; "Wo ai ni!" Haha. Ok I think thats it. And of course thank you in mandarin. What? Yah I know, I'm a multi-talented kid. Hah. Enough praising! Ok you may shoot me in the head right now. So anyway, don't get me wrong, in case you do not know me well, its just the way I joke around. So yah, I was just joking about the whole multi-talented kid. So I reckon big bookshop is not a choice. Next choice; a boutique? Hah YES! They have kinda nice shops there in Taipan. So I HOPE THERE'S A JOB WAITING FOR ME! Can dress up too! HAHA. And you can drop by to buy me lunch or something. I mean c'mon! You NEED to see me before college! So anyway, I told mom I would find a job after everything is settled, you know college shopping list. It just keeps growing when I'm suppose to be cutting down some. What? I'm a girl. And a GROWING one too! So pardon me when I'm already thinking about make up. I know! Nad + MakeUp = is that even possible? And while me dear LipGloss and MakeUp friend is laughing at the way I put eyeliner on my eye, which by the way went HORRIBLE. Don't even get her started. So well, I will learn one day! But not really looking forward to it. But, the time will come eventually. Oh my God, I'm growing up. Oh and if you're already tired straining your eyes dry, you might as well stop now. I've a long way to go, I haven't even started at Subang Parade yet. Yes, just click that close button or simple press ALT+F4. Thanks for dropping by!! Oh, that's one eager beaver!

So anyway, Subang Parade trip;
I was waiting outside the A-Look shop right, one of the kids was checking her optical illusion and getting new glasses done. Hah. Funny how glasses never worked for me. Let see.. I had 4 glasses throughout eight years on having to wear them, I think I SELDOM wear them. I still can see, so er.. =) After I walked to MPH to get myself a girly magazine December/January issue, I stood outside, looking down at the people walking by. And there was this dude arranging handbags on the shelves getting ready for customers. Didn't get to see his face if you're wondering is he hot or not. Anyway, does it even matter? Its not even related to what I'm going to tell you. Then there was this kid passed by in school uniform. Hmmm baru habis paper kot? I thought to myself. Yeh geh. So, the thought striked me like my kid brother running towards my tummy. Er not exactly. Anyway, here's a confession; in school I'm a totally different kid, but outside school; I'm otherwise. Well not fully, but thoroughly. If you see me outside school, you wouldn't know I'm the kid who particularly ran with my arms wide open and shout out loud through the school's hallway. Outside; I look proper. Not so proper, but much more proper than I am in school, with my serabai hair. And in school, I'm not afraid to jump, to shout, to laugh out loud, despite of course what people would say, but what the heck? The world is mine! But not outside school, its different. And to my fright, I'm not gonna have any of my playtime in school anymore. Yah playtime, like a kid gets a playtime at a nursery, that's what school is to me. And you know what? I'm not gonna have any of them anymore. Its time to grow up. And stop being loud, scream, shout in public. In moderate amount of course. I mean I can't stop fully! I can't help it. My adrenaline is way uncontrollable. So er yah. Its sad in many ways, gotta find a good thing about it. OK maybe there's more good thing about it. One for instance, I'm bloody 17 and I SHOULD BLOODY STOP JUMPING AROUND LIKE A BLOODY RETARD. Second, school's over, time for the real world. Thirdly, ahh. I'm not gonna go on forever. So yah, college life is going to be way different. Everyone will be in control and all. So I guess I have to act like a grown teenager? Haha. Fake. Whatever lah just see what comes along the way. But I WILL miss my playtime in school! =/

Then, (Ok I TOLD YOU IT WILL GET DRAGGY - why didn't you leave earlier? Yah yah you may go!) I was looking at this pharmacy next to Rock Corner - which by the way I stopped by earlier to check out Still Life but tak ada! Tengah import! Bagero. Er ok stop cursing, sorry. And I was searching for my shampoo, then there was this guy he was like, Man there's only a tight selection but he didn't get emotional and stuff or rather throw tantrums like men do easily. Haha. Then I just paid whatever I've took. So I went to another pharmacy just to get my shampoo. Then, on my way up to the escalator where my mom was waiting for me in the car, he bumped into me and said " Hey sexy, can I buy you a drink?" Ew. No. I was just joking, I would probably by then take out my pepper spray ( which by the way I do no own ). Haha. Man I should not say that out loud, so the chance of me getting into trouble is higher since now the whole knows about me not having a pepper spray. But whatever. He said, "Hey, you managed to buy a lot of stuffs!
" And I just smirked and told him I had to walk all the way back to Watsons to get it, and he said I was smart. Er. Ok. So he asked my opinion on getting a present for his secretary or something. He thought of getting a dress and I was like er? And he said it was for a dinner AND clubbing. WHICH BY THE WAY I HATE IT SO MUCH! AND PLUS, I'm a GIRL NOT A WOMAN! How the hell should I know? So I suggested him to get heels or er shawl or er scarf? OK bad idea. What? I'm a sucker myself to get a present. Oh er, Lipgloss and MakeUp's present! =P So he wanted me to tag along . Ok SO MUCH for "Don't talk to strangers" policy. Then I was like sorry my mom's waiting for me. And he said "Oh then its ok, thanks though." So all is well. Told my mom about it in the car, being a typical mother, she said better be careful next time, people can't be trusted these days. Thanks for the lesson 101 today MOM! =)

So people, sorry to keep you reading. And I hoped I made your skipping lines habit better. ;D Or rather trying to help you overcome that because it wouldn't come in handy when it comes to textbooks! Ok you're going to kill me someday for these draggy posts and you might stop visiting. So well, gotta go and strain my eyes dry on hot chicks! Er on TV. Don't get me wrong. I'm perfectly straight! And currently not interested in dating. I think that's too much information, and you probably don't even care. Cheers!

I've done my part.

"Love will remain a mystery, but give me your hand and you'll see."

Good morning my loyal readers, bet I don't really HAVE one. Hah. Mostly I post is absolute empty state of mind of a growing teenager who just ended her schooling days in the last two days. Don't get me wrong, the quoted words have absolutely nothing to do with what I'm gonna post, well more or less it will. See where will my mind and my fingers drive me to. Not really in good terms with maps. So hmmm, oh its only 9 in the morning, and guess what time did I wake up? 6.30am. Brilliant. Never was really fond of waking up later in the morning, think it wouldn't do good. So anyway, all I had for breakfast was banana and a mug of coffee. Coffee is a must everyday, makes me feel old. So anyway caffeine isn't really good for your body apparently. So what the heck? So much for a healthy diet. I might as well shove a dozen of Quarter Pounder in my tiny mouth. Man, I'll be all bloated up. From 41 kilograms to hmmm well, 75? Holy F. Think I'll pass. So when I don't know what the hell woke me up at 3 in the morning, I came up with one conclusion;



They (The smart asses) WILL get A - NO DOUBT;

I on the other hand, WILL NOT.

All hail to my ever confirmed B or C. Holy SHIT.

With that, I rest my case. =/ And with that, I have ABSOLUTE no confidence to get A for my science subjects; Additional Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, not to mention biology. So lets just wait 4 months ahead. And see what the hell did I do with my papers. I mean, ok I think I can get A for at least AMath or Physics or Chemistry, but ADOI! InsyaAllah lah ok. Just pray hard for me. That was pretty much what I think about this morning when the house was sleeping and after I went to the loo to do my business. And right there you are, I slept again til 6.30 am. Ok this shows I have absolutely nothing to talk about or rather write than to fill you with my early hours of the day. Shut up; its my BLOG, and you're READING it, if you do not like it, feel free to page skip. I'm glad you stopped by. Great effort. So anyway, in connection with the quoted line up up above, again I might say it might be the end or might be the new beginning for some of us who just ended high school - the crafting industry, I would like to say, that our parents had put such love, such tendency, such support, effort and anger to raise her up til 17. And the least we could do for them is appreciate their hard work in raising a kid and do great for our future. Which parents wouldn't want to see their kid work all grown up, secured future, secured life so they would be at ease, at peace not needing to worry about their kids anymore. We on the other should worry about them, worry on how little love we've shown them. Because particularly all we do is shout at them and raise voices and postponing our house chores. And well, always complaining on what's on the table. Lets face it, you haven't been out in the real world but they have. They have put way so much effort to make a living and put food on your table, to nourish their kids' good souls. And the least they could do is GETTING HIGH ON DRUGS? DRINK ALCOHOL AND DRIVE? PARTY TIL DAWN AND SLEEP AROUND NOT WORRYING ABOUT GOD OR STD AT LEAST? NOT. Don't mind me, I probably should mind my own business and all, but honey, the world's not always rainbows, time's not always gonna wait for you. Stand up on your feet and get groomed! Its time to shine and MAKE YOUR PARENTS PROUD.

I'm pretty sure behind their hearts even they said they're OK with it they're worrying about you. And the least you could do is make them happy and well do them good you know. After all they have done for you. No matter how screwed up your family tale could be, they're still family, and there isn't a reason to start solving your problems with negative influences. Waste of time, cash, and life. Life's way ahead, start worrying where you'll end up. And I swear you can do it, even if you do not have the greatest of results or the best charismatic skills or the finest hairdo. Its all in the mind darling. Buckle up, get groomed and LIVE.

And I think that is all for now, I've been filling empty time slots with the PC too much. Getting back to my old habits since studying is much of a last choice to do right now. So, cheers. Get yourself a paper from the hawker stall and read about the world, see how much suffering they're going through, and do they choose your way of solving it? I guess not, there's no short cut to life. Then, grab yourself a daisy from the florist.

"Life's too short for craps."

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Raining Tuesday, it makes you think.

Right where I left from, it was raining, but it has stopped. Anyway, since it was raining, I went to my room, and ready to indulge through Robinson Crusoe. Hah. Guess how far it goes? 12 pages! ;D Long way to go! Only because the electricity went off. It didn't stop there, no I didn't freak the hell out of myself. Boo. I'm not a bloody coward. Its just dark, its raining with thunders and its 1900hours. oh man, who cares? I'm 17 not 7. Its just dark, and the kids downstairs were already freaking out. I guess that happens when you're still at your childhood age. Man I miss being a kid. But whatever, I still think I am one. ;D So then I grabbed a torch light next to my bedside table and started reading the book, ridiculously with a low source of light. Not exactly a good thing for the eyes. But whatever, never really did care about them. Ok, don't get me wrong. So anyway, the kids climbed up the stairs, and knocked on the door.

"Kakak, pinjam torch light ok?"

And since I'm a good kakak, I lend it to them, leaving myself in a bore state in the dark listening to the pouring rain outside. Heck, at least I did good to them kids. And so, I lay on the bed listening to the rain, staring at the awfully dark ceiling and apparently I see nothing. And logically its because its dark. Duh. Well, all i thought about was what's going to happen next? Like ten years down the road. Will I be what I expected to be? I guess that's pretty much everyone's question of life. What's next what's next? Lets just wait and see. And I thought about this blog too, how far would it go? I mean I've been posting and posting, that's because its new. But what happened after days, weeks or months? When I pretty much ran out of things to say. I really fancy writing and all, but you know the harder you try to make it turn out good, the harder it gets. You can never just let it flow, let all good things flow, and fling your masterpiece up and be proud of it. It only comes once in a while like when I write english compositions for my exams. The paper I always look forward to. I guess its because it makes me talk to my thoughts or rather conscience. Like what should happen next? Or laughing at my story etc etc. Like once I was suppose to write about the worst thing that happened to me. And so well, I let my imagination create its experimental fiction. And I pretty much fancied it. Its not the typical, I lost my wallet and got banged on that bloody lamp-post kinda thing. This woman was suppose to get married that day. She woke up to a house with screaming nannies and psychotic sisters and wickedly loud nieces and nephews. So the sisters were drunk right. From you know the hen party last night and all, then her cell vibrated, it was her fiance and all, and they exchanged expectations on the their big day. And thats when she heard her adik screamed. Haha. Then she found her adik's bridesmaid's dress filled with doodles by her nieces who apparently were testing their new Crayolas that their father bought for them. Poor her. So anyway, then her bestfriend called her, telling her that the stripper they hired last night for the hen party stole the wedding ring for her fiance. Boy, wasn't she furious? She particulary shouted on the phone and slammed it. Then her dad dashing through the hallway, screaming and all she heard was the weird Sims language that her fiance always plays on his notebook. Hah. No, her dad was telling her that the caterer is bailing off. Her demands were too high; pork chops with extra pepper and garlic, fries fried with sunflower oil. What? she wants it to be perfect, IT IS her wedding day, and this is MY story. So just read ok? And, she could have fainted right that instance. But no she didn't, where's the fun in there? So she took her car keys, crossed across the green lawns, so much for the grass is greener on the other side. And sat in the car with Cyndi Lauper bursting on the stereo and drove to the best doctor in the whole world. So she stood in front of the door there at the porch, and cried like a small girl wanting a balloon from the carnival. She told him everything that happened, and all he said was ; " Honey, your family is psychotic, don't you think they wouldn't pull a prank on our wedding day, it is after all, april fool."

So I've enlighten you with that. I bet you skipped a few lines. Because its long winded. Hah. Anyway I aced that paper. All is well. And, however I hope I did well for SPM. =/ So I watched this anime called Emma on 75; astro. This dude was running next to the train for his love. A typical scene. But it made me wonder is there anybody would do such crazy thing? I mean, why is love so special? I had that once. Now years after, I laughed at myself for being the way I was. I mean c'mon. Its the real world, I'm all grown up right now, mentally, physically (maybe not) and emotionally. F bizzare. Hah. I was a kid once, been there done that. Trust me, if you're madly in love now in your teenage years, it wouldn't last long honey I'm afraid. True love doesn't exist now in this globalisation days. Snap up! Don't get me wrong. And I wonder, how many boys and girls are in love with the person next door? You know; the whole the-boy-next-door or the-girl-next-door kinda thing? Its really sweet and all, but its only in the movies. So yah, whatever. The rain made me really emotional, snap out of it man!

So, its already 2116hours, and I've two good classic movies in line waiting for me in front, better go and watch them, I've to returned them on Thursday anyway. So, I hoped I've filled your empty seconds well and I'm pretty sure you skipped quite a number of lines. Well, that's ok, I do that too when it gets draggy. No one's perfect. Where's the fun in there?

" Maybe you're the same as me, we see things they'll never see, you and I are going to live forever."

Here's to the raining night.

Selamat petang Tuan-Tuan dan Puan-Puan,
Saya berbesar hati untuk menghiburkan hati anda dgn kisah satu hari selepas SPM saya.

My eyes hurt, my nose was RED. And ah-ha, the dust couldn't find any better place to be than my nostrils and my eyes. TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT. No stop your thoughts right there, my house is not hopelessly messy or dirty, i was cleaning my books. Well, getting rid of them its a proper term. Not exactly though, i boxed them up. Chose my thick, torn, overused reference books and arranged them on the shelves, right where they belonged before my study days. So anyway, I'm just keeping them for you know, future reference. You never know when they might come in handy. So yah, secretly kinda sad to get rid of them, its good in its condition, all torn and over used, and the doggy ears pages, yeah i like them like that. So anyways, after all that boxed up books, I went through my exercise books, and tore off the used pages and to keep the remaining ones, and well guess what? I only did my Additional Mathematics, History and Physics homework. Well at least I did right? Better than nothing. Anyways, I just hope I won't screw my results up. Not expecting much on Biology though. Sorry, I just never fancy biology. Then i gathered up all the used papers, and getting ready to recycle them. HERE'S TO HELP THE LIVING EARTH. Don't get me wrong, I'm all hyped up to help the earth and all that good stuffs, but er, I can have fun too. Whatever that's suppose to mean, take it anyway you like.

So then I wanted to start reading my Robinson Crusoe but sadly it got nowhere. Read it til the third page, then i felt my eyes were aching, and then, I wanted to sleep. But to no avail. So I flipped through the girly magazine, ha. Funny how people said that they promote low self esteem, well then you just don't have good control of your life honey, I'm sorry. Then tried to sleep again, then, FORGET ABOUT IT. Ran down the stairs, to check my download progress, and yeh score! Strike'em Giddy! Done done done! 5 more episodes to go. Boo. So anyway, I'll crap and enlighten you more with this absolute empty state of mind later, its raining cats and dogs. I might as well get my yellow raincoat on and stand in the rain. And watch paper boats swim down the drain. Cheers.

Here's to the raining night.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Throw your bags and burn your books? Not.

I'm tired. You may say; it was a long long day. Sat for my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia LAST paper. Oh yes; JOY. Not. Paper two was HARD, HARD, HARD. Anyway, this is what a typical blogger would write. Oh no, I'm not a plain Jane. Anyway, as people see it, its a day to "burn your books". Darlings, you'd only contribute destruction to the earth. After PAPERS of essays, can't you still get the message they're trying to send to you? Its not all about trying to ace them, its not about trying to fry your brains over tons of books and knowledge. You're suppose to apply them in life and well, help the living earth! Anyway, by burning books, you'd contribute to haze etc. And unfortunately to ozone depletion too. SO STOP COMPLAINING WHEN THE SUN'S TOO HOT or "MY MAKE-UP IS RUIN" or "GOD I'M FRIGGIN HOT." GOD. YOU MADE THE MESS! Think, think! Ok, I'm way over the top. You may shoot me now.

So anyway, after the third paper of the day, which by the way, was the last one of the day, I didn't really feel excited when they were collecting the papers, yeah. It was the last to school uniform, it was the last to be walking out of the school gate, it would be the last to be in the hall as a student, it was the last hearing
Pn.Chong talking on the mic. Etc etc and the list goes on and on! "All good things MUST come to an END." That's life unfortunately. I'm going to miss every single soul in school. Every single ABIOSIS. (Man, I'm trying hard to make it sound NOT cheesy, the harder I try, the CHEESIER it gets. Oh well, must me my sleepy eyes.) And I know how people hate draggy posts, and you'll probably end up skipping lines and oh what do you know? You missed up the whole page, *click*

Cheers to all.