Friday, December 31, 2010

When do you feel most alive?

Individuals take many forms. Of which, are related to their social roles depending on the social context that they are in. But which of these forms best represent their True Self (if such exists)?

if the True Self is existent, then which?

At which state of these 'selves' collectively forms or portrays one's 'True Self'?

When, do you feel most alive?

When do you feel most in touch with your internal world?

Is it when you detach/disengage yourself with others' selves? Or is it when you are functioning part of your other 'selves'? Is it when you're around your containing environment? Around your family, friends, loved ones? Is it when you're doing that thing you love so deeply? Is it when you're out with your lover tracing skylines, and being madly in love? Or is it when you're alone with your head, with your Soul? When your insides (insights) turn outward?

Is it, when your mindfulness come to live without the need of social acknowledgment?

Would your "true" form of Self be the collective set of your social roles? Would that be enough? Do they, collectively, make you feel alive?

And when you lose any of these parts, would you feel like you lose your Self?

When do you feel most alive?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Going Places: Something To Tell You (2)

By VQ1015 Classic
By Canon (I dunno what model).

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom.

Monday, December 27, 2010

"I find careful patterns on the snow," Snow Patrol.

I'm on a train to the metropolis in the middle of nowhere where when I look left, or right, there is snow everywhere. My world at this present state, is covered with white miracle. And well, Vampire Weekend singing 'Run' to me:

"We mostly work to live, until we live to work. She said, "You know there's nowhere else to go". But changing roles, it struck me that the two of us could run... Cause honey with you, is the only honest way to go. I could take two, if I could ever really know. Cause honey with you, and a battered radio" Vampire Weekend.

It struck to me just when I sat in between strangers, and if I were to go to the loo, who would I trust with my (general) personal belongings like my book?

And so happens, I suspect a stranger near me is from homeland. Would I strike a conversation, and assume trust?

If I were to trust this fellow (assumed) Malaysian, would it be because of our common nationality/ethnicity? Wouldn't I then be in some way, ethnocentric?

An elderly lady next to me, whom I've talked generally to, is reading a book. By some manner, she should be containing, warming and in a way, more trusting. But why, isn't my psyche/gut/impulse telling me she is the more trusting candidate?

(Is it even right to call them candidates for Trust?)

But those are the more general stuff, like material possessions that can be replaced.

What about matters of the heart and the immaterial parts of you? To whom do you trust them with?

And if so, how did the assumed trust begin?

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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Because she came up with 19 when I was 19, and the upcoming album 21 when I'm 21! Please lah, Malaysians lambat gila nak hype pasal Adele.

I will hunt for your next gig. F- yeah Brit music!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snow Day/London Calling.

School was out. We had snow day.

Autumn in London. Because London is London,
and I miss the city.

And I have lost my words.