Thursday, August 30, 2007

Malaysia; Tanah Airku.

Malaya O' Malaya.

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan Ke-50.

Make your nation, family proud.

Allah bless us all.


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Under the influence

I have to admit; when my former Sekolah Menengah did all the "Jauhi Dadah" campaign, I find it rather distant and it was just a thing to pass-by with and no real significance was needed. But a couple of months later, I find the campaign wasn't as distant as before. It did have a real significance to these growing teens.

I was just standing by the notion whereby I thought to myself; they can't be so bloody stupid and dumb. But then again, here I stand.. They are bloody stupid and dumb after all. Read your papers; then you would find people of all ages trafficking drugs and such. If only we could buy some sense for them from the local drug store; the pharmacy.

It is just sad to know that people are abusing these substances which at first was for humans good. I mean, if you know some parents are struggling with ethical question whether to feed their ADD kids with pharmacology's drugs; there are a huge amount of them would pay, kill, beg or steal to grab hold of this euphoria world.

Can't they just stop and think? Maybe just maybe, they would just die right after the next consumption. At some point, I pray to God they would, you just need something to open their eyes after all.


"Do religions promote peace or war?"
- REL 120 class.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Flaws from where I stand.

By any means, I am not here to condemn any party nor I am here to pull you to stand here with me. These are mere thoughts of a growing mind; a growing teenager. So pardon me if you feel offended as I have no intention at all to push you away.


Yesterday, I experienced one of the Malaysian beautiful moment. You may say I'm corny as much as you want. I know there are a number of you people out there aren't really looking forward for the "Tanggal tiga puluh satu bulan lapan" moment. But the fact from where I stand, still remains. So anyway, the scene began during my orientation for this whole new college thing. We were to fill up forms from the merged university which a known university from the States. Being the American system; your family name comes first then first and middle name.

So the speaker know exactly that us kids need help being in the Malaysian education system which kids are spoon fed right from the beginning to the age of 17 or 18. Thus, to the obvious he had to explain how to properly fill up your names as it would appear on the scrolls. First, he picked a Chinese girl for an example. Then, an Indian girl. He also said "anak perempuan". Finally, he asked "is there any Malay here?". Which to the obvious being me; i raised my hand after we had few small contacts and talks. Then he said sorry. I have no idea why. He then asked for our names and gave example. If you can't see the beautiful sight of this, I'm really sorry for you. Really I am.

I know the whole controversial issues about the nation, the politics and the religions seem to be the boom thing for the past few years. But I think that we should just give a chance to them. After all, you really do not know how to run a country now do you? I mean come on, even your college assignments or your school work are hard to handle for now. If you talk much about the whole mess, it is similar to not "walk the talk."

The cliché of this is that: you can't live in a lying government. O is that the best you can come up with? Don't come running to me and say that you are not living in a lie yourself. I mean, you may say you want to be involved in an activity just because it is your will. Free will. Being an idealist, I don't believe in a free will. There are always factors involved. So when you tell me you don't live a lie, you then are lying right this instance.

The board of censorship in the nation is always opposing of "obscene" acts, videos etc. It is a little bit of good old entertainment for God's sake. Obviously they are afraid that it would somehow affect the society especially the fragile and vulnerable youth. But don't you think it is a little bit too much? They often censor the awful truth of the world. Maybe I am a little be carried away by the notion of Art for Art sake.

If they really want to go around promoting the "obscene-free" notion, then they should just really shut down all the nightclubs around town. I have not experience a night-out in the clubs but I just assume that most of them are our youth, discovering themselves with the help of alcohol or boost of temporary "Utopian" world. I know they are just having fun being teenagers and you adults. O FUN!

It is after all the art of socializing. Something I never really master in. But the saddest thing of all; most of them are from the Muslim family. If the government really want to help, then there wouldn't have wealthy Muslim authorities, or the old married Muslim VIPs at the night clubs sticking out their dicks for a one night stand with these college girls.

But my religion teaches me to obey the authority and the government (Surah Al-Anfal: 60). And if you too at the slightest bit a Muslim, I think you should too be apart of this race. O I get it, you just fight for your right as a Muslim, but never really do what Muslims do. You know, the whole drinking and casual sex scene.

And I don't know why, it really bothers me to know that students who don't really participate their heart and soul in the academic world, are the ones that anticipate to scream their lungs out and celebrate or party or whatever it is they do after examinations. Somebody please knock some sense in their empty heads.

May peace be upon you my ever faithful ones.

Friday, August 10, 2007

You, me against the world.



things they get involved to not be "in the crowd".
(Picture copyright by Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Utopian like world.

"I was blank. Anybody can fill me in."
Astrid; White Oleander.

Often you see people fighting against another being, be it the government, the authority or someone more superior maybe even inferior to them. Why? Things are usually not done right. They do not act coherently with the laws or 'it's just not the way things are meant to be'. Then let me ask you; what is right?

I believe that there lives and 'Utopian' like world in every individuals which lives in the mind itself. People often argue for the right thing. When things are not done right by the government; stand notions flooding the world wide web, promoting their idealism to the way the government should lead. Why? Because lives a 'Utopian' like world in them, promoting the perfect world with the perfect system and all.

If you ask me personally about the whole political chaos, I would probably say; I'm too young to say anything. Plus, I'm just an insignificant growing Malaysian. But you can try to paint the picture I'm trying to tell.

The ones who have high courage to promote their idealism about the corruptions that work their way in the government; might just bring them on top of the world or down low in the rut. After all, what is a Malay cuisine without its sambal belacan?

Funny thing is, all the political chaos only drives me to the issue of how would they know if its not right and what they stand for is right? I mean c'mon, we all know that life itself is very subjective. If you ask me, I think that everywhere you go in the world, would at least contain to the very tiny bit of corruption. So why the big fuss?

I reckon that most of us at least suffer from any form of corruption or anything that is similar to it. So for one to make a haste about this its as if they are the perfect being to make a fuss. It is as if they deserve to have the limelight and act according to their idealism.

Sure everybody has his/her own voice to speak off. I'm not saying that I oppose you to the very maximum. I respect your voices and by all means, your idealism you try to promote. Heck, those are the ones that ignite my words. It is just that; life is very subjective, anybody can fill you in.