Wednesday, June 13, 2007


"Reality, however, has a sliding floor."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Selamat pagi Malaysia. Kini aku telah dilahirkan sebagai anak jati Malaysia. Tapi apa itu Malaysia? Bukankah asalnya dia akan tetap mempunyai komponen yang sama dan jati walau diberi nama yang lain. Seperti sasterawan terkenal, William Shakespeare telah ungkapkan di dalam pementasan cinta beliau yang amat dikenali, Romeo and Juliet :
" Juliet: What is there in a name? Whatever name we may call a rose by it would smell as sweet.."
Jadi pada pagi ini, ingin aku mengcungkilkan lagi buah pemikiran aku.

Flaws flaws and more flaws. What's there in the true reality? What is reality anyway? Is it your dream? Or is it your life? What? Is it only when sensed by your sensory? Or is it what the majority has implement in our daily lives? Is it us leading our passion or us doing what they want? Or simply us living to be in the race as well?

Let me ask you my dear readers, how do you know what is here, what is already laid out is the real truth? How do you really know that the tree is really a tree? Scientifically, of course you would explain all from the stems to the chlorophyll which makes it green. But how do you really know it is really a tree but not a flower? Just because someone from the past has named it a tree, and voila, it is a tree. But what is the pure truth? Truth. Like what we have religiously follow throughout our lives, leading lives based on what the authority has set. Isn't a line is already drawn out for you? How do you know that the God you are following right now is the real truth? Please do no misunderstand me, I am not trying to condemn other religions other than mine, I'm just questioning as a thinking being, just how do you know it is the real truth?

Like you can't certified all of these pass down "folklore" teachings like the SIRIM certifies our electrical goods. No. Is it real what are written in your books? Is it real what is written in your History books? Is it real what is written about your religion? Metaphysical stuffs. Things that are abstract and it is beyond our ability to discover the whole real truthful answer.

Today, frankly I state that for the first time, I am terrified by life. I am terrified of the truth, I am terrified with the world. Just everywhere is filled with little holes of flaws. The world is selfish. Let me tell you this, look at yourself then stare at the people around you, read the papers, watch the TV, and think, what is true? What is reality?

How do YOU know? JUST HOW?
For all you know, tomorrow rises up a man that stands and summon his people that they should bow to him, as he is truth, he is the creator, he is real, he is..

"Do you swear to state about nothing but the truth and the only truth?"
"I swear to state about nothing but the truth and the only truth."

"In this world, there are 3 truths, your truth, my truth and the whole truth."

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