Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Archeology of the Soul(s).

Dear all,

Ah! I know I have been missing for what seems forever to me. But to you, it's probably nothing but just a brief absence. Even if I had updated, it was just a paste copy of my Facebook note. Hence, I felt I have lost personal touch with this particular channel of writing. Or maybe it was a phase that I had to go through, considering Life goes in stages. At one point, I was even determined that I was not going to write anymore in the near future. To be exact, I thought it was much better to keep the internal world from being expressed.

What a foolish Soul I have been!

It occurred to me, it was that bridge that needs to be fixed. The bridge that connects the events of Life with my inner world. Or my Soul. Maybe the whole absence was just a Soul vacation. I seek meaning. But meaning would not come to me, unless I commute between the External and the Internal world(s) using that particular bridge.

In Philosophy, there is a dedicated school of thought that promotes the search of Life's meaning through Art. Somewhat like a transport for our good Souls to a deeper meaning of Life. Maybe to even seek your Self. Art and Meaning. It was my favourite topic in the Philosophy text book.

So like many of our destinations, we need that route and the mean of transportation. Only this is a bit more abstract, and metaphysical.

Welcome to a new phase of my search. It's good to have you and my Soul back.

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