Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Dangerous Method. Versi cincai dan malas.

Alas, I have watched the long-awaited film. Ever since I was a student last year, reading Freud and other psychoanalytic scholars. (Show off pulak dia ni).

MasyaAllah. I love the details they did in this film! Even Freud's study room and the COUCH! Reminds me of my visit to Freud's London home with my best friend last summer. Same exact artifacts in his room. Brilliantly eerie.

An indeed, a dangerous method. Something so intimate when one's inner most repressed thoughts and feelings are shared between two colliding souls. If only I could start taking patients as how they did, "I heard you are taking patients now?". Now wanna find volunteer clients also hard (or rather not so confident with my lacking clinical background).

But right now, I'm not quite sure of psychoanalysis. I mean, psychodynamic quite possibly. But psychoanalysis? I'd have to refer to my personal analyst.

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