Thursday, November 30, 2006

Finish up your drink.

Never ask someone for support.
You'll get too dependent on ppl.
Then you'll end up falling. Falling.
Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow.
So, CHEMISTRY paper didn't really turn out what WE all expected.
Good thing? Or bad? You decide.
So we all headed for the big gate - the school's magazine was waiting for us.
I mean, its like the second last day of school.
YES IT IS. After ELEVEN YEARS of studying, its finally coming to an end.

" Well, all good things must come to an end."

But i never thought it would this fast.
OK my eyes just hurt right now.
Really it does. Er.
So what comes after this? Is it an end? Or a new beginning?
We've all make eleven years of education, a memorable one.
You may say I sound ridiculous because its just high school and all.
But whatever. I love school. And I'm DEFINITELY going to miss school
So its the place where you seek your inner self.
The one full of make-up or the one that's willing to dive into the dumpster.
Haha. Anyway, its a playground of mind.
Its a crafting industry, yes it is.
You mould yourself for you future here.
A funny place to be though,
Here, you learn that people come and go,
You'll learn that its EASIER when you actually STUDIED. ;)
That life's NOT all about rebelling.
That ADULTS are TRYING to hold a better future for you.
So, take a deep look, and breath deep,
Open your eyes that it is not always ice-creams and cakes.
Well it WON'T be. Even if you're Paris Hilton.
Because that's life. Every phase you face,
You'll learn that even the best falls.
So, swallow up, and order another round!

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