Monday, December 04, 2006

Throw your bags and burn your books? Not.

I'm tired. You may say; it was a long long day. Sat for my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia LAST paper. Oh yes; JOY. Not. Paper two was HARD, HARD, HARD. Anyway, this is what a typical blogger would write. Oh no, I'm not a plain Jane. Anyway, as people see it, its a day to "burn your books". Darlings, you'd only contribute destruction to the earth. After PAPERS of essays, can't you still get the message they're trying to send to you? Its not all about trying to ace them, its not about trying to fry your brains over tons of books and knowledge. You're suppose to apply them in life and well, help the living earth! Anyway, by burning books, you'd contribute to haze etc. And unfortunately to ozone depletion too. SO STOP COMPLAINING WHEN THE SUN'S TOO HOT or "MY MAKE-UP IS RUIN" or "GOD I'M FRIGGIN HOT." GOD. YOU MADE THE MESS! Think, think! Ok, I'm way over the top. You may shoot me now.

So anyway, after the third paper of the day, which by the way, was the last one of the day, I didn't really feel excited when they were collecting the papers, yeah. It was the last to school uniform, it was the last to be walking out of the school gate, it would be the last to be in the hall as a student, it was the last hearing
Pn.Chong talking on the mic. Etc etc and the list goes on and on! "All good things MUST come to an END." That's life unfortunately. I'm going to miss every single soul in school. Every single ABIOSIS. (Man, I'm trying hard to make it sound NOT cheesy, the harder I try, the CHEESIER it gets. Oh well, must me my sleepy eyes.) And I know how people hate draggy posts, and you'll probably end up skipping lines and oh what do you know? You missed up the whole page, *click*

Cheers to all.

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