Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Happenstance; chance, especially in something good.

I started my classes yesterday. It went pretty well I reckon. English was well, fun as usual. Its a fun subject. Can't wait to really indulge myself in essays. (If you see me complaining about assignments, you can screw me upside down, inside out.) This entry was suppose to be posted last night, but i was too exhausted. So here am I, at 7.48 a.m. in my pajamas, telling you stories from the other end. In case you did not know, I went home for the weekend. Frankly, I miss home like (please insert any relevant metaphor, because I can't think of any). Either way, I wouldn't post on how fun my weekend was or how dead boring it was ( it wasn't ) it will only be some typical post you read from blog to blog. I mean, you've gone through all the trouble page skipping and you come across another poor old soul, whining about how pathetic one's life and how miserable that hairdo can do to your self confidence etc. Just so you know, it is one way or the other related to the new phase life of mine; get ready to read, or get ready to leave.

This is when I really think about how to manage and keep your relationships with people you love in touch. You've got to sacrifice your exhausted mind to talk to them late night after a whole day of walking, talking (craping you might add), and simply live your college life. Here, you would be 24/7 surrounded by people who you do not know whether you can trust or otherwise, apart from you having an old friend in campus with you of course. So anyways, its kinda like the real, cruel world already. For me at least, well maybe not the whole world, but bits and pieces of it, me having a mentality of a kid at times. So you really have to manage your relationships with your family, friends and your Sayang. I was home for the weekend, I thought about it. When you're home for the weekend, you're suppose to spend time equally with your family and friends. And of course the time for your own. You can't tire yourself to death, and live like a walking zombie. You can't laze around the whole day either. You got to know what you're doing. You got to manage your time smartly. You can't be out of the line for too long, it will get draggy, and you would fall hard. I'm missing everyone back home (even though its only a 30 minutes drive -more or less away). Yes. I'm such a kid. But I got to learn to survive alone, I know I can, only when it comes to my solitude when thoughts just attack me and I would miss every tiny bits of 2006. Like school, and how I was so tensed over 11 subjects etc. But I would say I led a pretty fair high school life. Less dramatic as compared to my two college mates stories. And I hope I've succeed in molding myself throughout the years for this new phase of life. So to my dear friends and Sayang, please understand if I'm busy for the coming days, I would try my best to adjust my time and coordinate with you people. Doesn't mean I don't care. And, holy %^$^$&%&% I miss you people already. And my cell phone is pretty much my life line right now. You know what I mean!

Mark the calendar, and you would know. Life's getting fair and equal. But you would not know that until you've realized what you've lost. I hope for some of you, you would what you're doing and lead a fair life please. Its not worth wasting your life on glasses of beers or the oh-so-hot dancing floors or on some piece of man made device.

I'm taking a good chance on this, and I would make the best out of it, being exposed to few melodramatic scenes, I think I'm wiser, so don't you worry dear, we would try to make it work one way or the other. I would build it to a full load. And we see how it goes. Its not that hard, its not that easy either. Its for two, so for two we shall try (unless . .). And I think its pretty much clear that it has grew, so lets take a ride!

I think I should take my shower right now and do the necessary. And its a good album. ;)

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