Tuesday, January 02, 2007

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Wonder how time flies really really fast? The last thing I remembered was packing from USJ2. Next thing you know, I was at USJ23. Then, I remembered singing myself to sleep with images of college life, and life after SPM and the excitement until the last paper ends. BAM BAM BAM!!!! Its already 2007. Tell me all about it honey. Its friggin fast. Before you know it, you'll be washing your kids' laundries. Sun drying them up on the clothes line and chit chatting with your neighbour - sneak peaking on their lives.

Might be a little early to blog from college, yes!! I'm already at COLLEGE!!! This morning I was in the car with mama, driving all the way down to Nilai. Yes yes. Then registered for the thing, not really registered, paid the fees lah. 50% deducted for tuition fees ok!! Woohoo! Scholar kid! ;) HAHA. Yes, maintain cgpa of 3.5 every sems, AND no warnings. Boohoo. For the first sem; I would be having 2 core papers; which means, only two subjects!!

English Composition
Introduction to Microeconomics


Anyways, I guess thats about it. Then paid for the lodging fees as well, which by the way, was rather complicating. Single rooms have balconies!! BUT, I got the first floor, so no balcony for me. Hmmm. Mama asked to change and take a nw one etc. With balcony of course, but, all full-lah! So that dude said 3rd week of Jan go and find him. (Don't think I'm gonna) WHY? BECAUSE, I kemas the room already ok! And tired and FUN. HAHA. I moved the bloody bed and table all by myself. =) Yes lah, the actual arrangements not nice lah!! Gotta make myself comfortable kan! HAHA. Anyways, its already clean and nice and yes yes I like.

Kinda exhausted, but I've ice breaking session later at 1600hours, so I can't really sleep, afraid that I wouldn't wake up. Tonight there's this movie thing, which by the way, I don't think I'll be going, I'd be in room, SLEEPING I guess.
I'm missing everyone back home already, the ones I spent my holidays with. YES YES YOU YOU YOU AND YOU!!! =/ Nevermind, I'm going back to Subang this weekend anyway, =)) Bliss.

Alright, I've to get ready for the Ice Breaking Session, wonder if there's snow? Er. Ok. Cheers.

And I think I'm in love. =)

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