Monday, April 09, 2007

The other side of the world ;


Please don't take this statement seriously mind you. Its not that they are this or they are that. I don't complain about how people are. Reminds me of my high school years, you know where people always complain about why she talks the way she does, or how he styles his hair or why does she has to act like she's miss know it all. Fine, you may say I do tend to slip my tongue by somewhat judging people. And sayang, please not argue about point of views and my tendency to judge people at times. I'm admitting here ; I tend to be a hypocrite at times. So cheers.

Anyway, what makes people seem to kill me on the inside? More like in my mind and my cycling thoughts. People differ so much that at times, it kills me. No no, don't stay on the surface dear reader, come and dive in with my growing thoughts. So anyway, yes. People people people. Such an interesting complex being. I, myself am getting lost inside these blood thick issue.

OK I tell you what, given a decision on shifting your class from 5.30 to 5.00 every Monday and Tuesday. Would you agree to it or simply disagree? OR would you go all down the long winded road trying all your might out to change it in the morning. Oh well, despite the fact that most of your classmates have classes in the morning. Oh and did I mention that the lecturer is a part-time lecturer who has to travel as far as Bangi to Nilai daily? Just to nourish these poor souls with knowledge of the art wondering.

Sometimes I wonder what is the definition for maturity for the other side of the world. Yes, no doubt, the last definition I received courtesy of Mazinays was a great one, and mind you, an acceptable one, at least in my shoes. Sure enough it differs from different perspectives and point of views. But I can't help to wonder, what are the definitions for these elder classmates of mine. Because to me, they don't seem to understand. Or rather, put themselves in others' shoes.

Surely its beneficial to have things done your way, fine, it is convenient to you and most of the classmates. But is it convenient to the teacher? Travels all the way daily and mind you, she even needs time for herself and her family and yeah, her life. So yes, and arguing in class and making noises out of this small matter was simply a tremendous hopeless fuss.

Please don't get me wrong, I'm simply stating my thoughts, not declaring myself as a perfect being.


OK seriously, there are a lot more to be post. But I'm going to join Mazinays in his dream. Then we can chase the birds a pluck pretty flowers together. Mind you, the real flowers that blossom every now and then.

" I remember the way you slept last night"

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