Saturday, May 05, 2007

Clap to this ;

Wondering just where the hell this blogger have been?
Lets put it this way, I've been not been sticking to my pc for a long long time.
In addition to the sucky wireless connection back in campus.
With my ever mountaining assignments and my so packed routines.
So it all sums up to; not blogging.

I've tons to write (its my common line, so deal with it.) but lets put it this way,
my laziness overcome my passion - only for blogging at least. Alhamdullilah my laziness
hasn't overcome my other passions. If likewise, think I ought to check myself in into the white cubicle. So, apa khabar orang kampung?

I can friggin' drive;
so dear, say goodbye to your ever tiring driving days for I'm here to rescue you!

Enough for the "stay in the surface" catching up before we get way into deep.
PHI 140 class is.. way ahead of me. Being me, the one that can't really argue well for my point of view. Those who've been with me in lit classes can pretty much tell. I myself feel that I can't argue well for my point of view. Which is why I guess, I got a 3B for my literature in English paper. So back to my philosophy class. It is, rapidly beyond my thoughts. Ah, it just makes me feel intimidated. Being me, I can't stand to outgrow with my intimidation as I feel I need to be good at almost everything. Talk about foolish and selfish and annoying.

This is harder than I thought, blogging. Oh yes, I got into matriculation which to the obvious, I am not going for the offer. Oh, my future, is all jumbled up. I guess I shouldn't have been so determined and all set. Who ever said you need to plan 5 years ahead of you? Maybe you could, but just roughly draft the plot. And not sketch the dotted plots. Yes, I had all planned out. But the phrase; "Tengoklah keadaan" rather suits for most occasion. In this case, it does. So for now, I can't really set my mind for the next 5 years. Where will I be? What will I be doing? And so forth.. it all comes back to the phrase : "Tengoklah keadaan".

To my ever faithful readers,
Sorry for not entertaining you people with my dry thoughts. And please don't you ever stop dropping by. I promise you that it'll be better next time.

"I'm not superman, I don't claim to be."

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