Wednesday, July 25, 2007


"What's so wrong with being happy?
Kudos to those who see through sickness."
Brandon Bloyd.

With all my might I wish to greet you with lovely greetings and welcome you to the world once again. THE WORLD AND YOU. Excuse me for approaching the same old issue of the reality and yourself. By posting these, I hope it may help me generate my brain, mind or whatever for this coming final paper. Also, I hope it may some sort of enlightenment for you.

The ancient Greek philosopher, Plato has concluded that in this world, or perhaps reality, there are 2 worlds; the visible world that is constantly changing and the invisible world that is permanent. What are these two worlds you ask?

Well, the visible world is the world that lay befor
e your eyes, the one that you thought was filled with joy and happiness and colors that are bright. Why did Plato suggested that the world is constantly changing? You see, compare now and the days during Plato's time? Civilization. So then civilization is where people try to outgrow the people before them. Sure it gives the same basic idea by your mind which is the invisible world that is permanent, but these form of civilization that has already been implied to the visible world change.

If you can recall your Islamic history, before the Prophet Mohammad S.A.W came, the people was in a "jahiliah" time where men are in a "women feast", girls are buried alive, and drink alcohol like fishes drink water. So then the Islamic civilization came, teaching people the right way of living their lives; women are not sex slaves nor toys, girls are precious and alcohol distorts you sanity. Yes it is true once Islam was such a holy religion. Of course I believe it is still a holy one, and anyone who was or is born a Muslim is very lucky. But as civilization grew from another era to another, it seems like we're going back to where we have started. But the idea of civilization is to be better than the people before us. So tell me, how can this be civilization?

Sure you might say; "This is the modern era, stop
being so ancient". You might also say that the form of civilization has changed to adapt to the modern culture which is driven by the art, politics, society, economy etc. Thus, we have a modern civilization where sky-scrappers are the replacement to the Orde Kosmos as a symbol of pride or so wealth. And that is exactly my point; the invisible world
(the mind) still promotes the same basic idea of a subject, however, the visible world betrays the unseen world by coloring a whole new form modified from the basic idea. Seems like; lembu punya susu, sapi yang dapat nama.

Plato laid on the platter the idea that humans are consist of three main divisions; reason, appetite (desires) and emotions (spirit). Humans often reason, but might be wise or the other way round. Desires are to be fulfilled to achieve a satisfied state. And emotions often distort or trigg
ers rationality.

Lets take a man who is thirsty and there is a glass of poison lay in front of him. For obvious reason, the man reason not to drink, thu
s opposing his desire for it is a poison glass. So now isn't it clear that there are at least 2 main divisions of human? Now lets say a wife who has just been betrayed by the loving husband, thus she's going through angst and the desire to avenge her husband is sky high. She then commits homicide which later distorts her rational reasoning.

Who or what drives all these human activity? Is it the body or the mind? If you ask me, agreeing with Plato, it is the mind that drives the human activity and the body is nothing more like a device to channel its ever constant ideas. It is like the electricity that drives electrical goods. Or like the mother supporting the baby in the womb. The ultimate nature of human is the mind and the mind itself. Without the mind (soul), ideas are not generated, and humans just do not function. Like laying down in the Intensive Care Unit in a coma. And the visible world is nothing more than a product of the mind.

Between me and Allah S.W.T.

The enlightenment.


ironlungs said...

for every action there is a reaction...for everyone is responsible for his or her own's just the guilt that leaves a bad taste in ourselves. In this day and age even a glass of poison is the answer to some other people means of exit. for the more saner people we just can't help but look as civilization destroy it self

Jumping Jane said...

anda cun.
:) (cis tak malu tinggal comment sendiri)