Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Utopian like world.

"I was blank. Anybody can fill me in."
Astrid; White Oleander.

Often you see people fighting against another being, be it the government, the authority or someone more superior maybe even inferior to them. Why? Things are usually not done right. They do not act coherently with the laws or 'it's just not the way things are meant to be'. Then let me ask you; what is right?

I believe that there lives and 'Utopian' like world in every individuals which lives in the mind itself. People often argue for the right thing. When things are not done right by the government; stand notions flooding the world wide web, promoting their idealism to the way the government should lead. Why? Because lives a 'Utopian' like world in them, promoting the perfect world with the perfect system and all.

If you ask me personally about the whole political chaos, I would probably say; I'm too young to say anything. Plus, I'm just an insignificant growing Malaysian. But you can try to paint the picture I'm trying to tell.

The ones who have high courage to promote their idealism about the corruptions that work their way in the government; might just bring them on top of the world or down low in the rut. After all, what is a Malay cuisine without its sambal belacan?

Funny thing is, all the political chaos only drives me to the issue of how would they know if its not right and what they stand for is right? I mean c'mon, we all know that life itself is very subjective. If you ask me, I think that everywhere you go in the world, would at least contain to the very tiny bit of corruption. So why the big fuss?

I reckon that most of us at least suffer from any form of corruption or anything that is similar to it. So for one to make a haste about this its as if they are the perfect being to make a fuss. It is as if they deserve to have the limelight and act according to their idealism.

Sure everybody has his/her own voice to speak off. I'm not saying that I oppose you to the very maximum. I respect your voices and by all means, your idealism you try to promote. Heck, those are the ones that ignite my words. It is just that; life is very subjective, anybody can fill you in.

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