Saturday, August 25, 2007

Under the influence

I have to admit; when my former Sekolah Menengah did all the "Jauhi Dadah" campaign, I find it rather distant and it was just a thing to pass-by with and no real significance was needed. But a couple of months later, I find the campaign wasn't as distant as before. It did have a real significance to these growing teens.

I was just standing by the notion whereby I thought to myself; they can't be so bloody stupid and dumb. But then again, here I stand.. They are bloody stupid and dumb after all. Read your papers; then you would find people of all ages trafficking drugs and such. If only we could buy some sense for them from the local drug store; the pharmacy.

It is just sad to know that people are abusing these substances which at first was for humans good. I mean, if you know some parents are struggling with ethical question whether to feed their ADD kids with pharmacology's drugs; there are a huge amount of them would pay, kill, beg or steal to grab hold of this euphoria world.

Can't they just stop and think? Maybe just maybe, they would just die right after the next consumption. At some point, I pray to God they would, you just need something to open their eyes after all.


"Do religions promote peace or war?"
- REL 120 class.

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