Tuesday, October 09, 2007

When Endomembrane system does not work for me.

"And it could be that humanity will someday "'come of age,'"
outgrow religion and stand on its own as an autonomous adult."
Louis P. Pojman


Tell me, how many are in the race holding tightly to the sacred teachings? And how many are in the race generated by worldly things but yet; are carrying portions of humanity with them while they are chasing life away?

Yes, my eyes are open. Not fully, but wide enough to see this other side of life approach. So don't worry dear heart, I'll pick my words carefully. If only I could talk to the Mastermind behind all these chaos; I would probably be laughing at all my questions.

Aku tak pernah carry the notion of humans equality atau pun Darwin's Evolutionary Theory. Tapi semakin lama aku fikir, semakin pantas teori-teori ini menuju ke kotak pemikiran ku. Aku statik; hanya mampu menunggu setinggi mana momentum yang akan terhasil.

Have a brilliant day.


Jack said...

Honest opinion.

Blogs are..

Down there, u wrote the word.

Jumping Jane. said...

Ala yang.


phantom said...

We are equal until the day we fall in love.