Sunday, November 04, 2007

Across the universe!

Have you ever notice people often sing about these changing phases?

Change, change, change.
And I'm starting to think its a cliché.
I guess we are all still adapting to the changing phases in our lives. Be it a small change or a huge one. One way or the other, we would eventually realize that life would not be the same without it especially when you value this change dearly.

It could be the lost of a dear friend.

It could be the lost of a routine.

It could be the lost of time.

But somehow we manage to move on forward without really being aware that we are losing these little portions of our lives. We walk through this road so full of ourselves and we don't really stop and observe the spaces between.

When the time comes, it all crumbles down like biscuit crumbs on the floor. So tiny, so hard to gather and useless as food. So annoying when all the crumbs stick on your wet feet. When the time comes, it would be hard to gather them back.

However, regardless how valuable that life portion of yours means, it would still be lost from your physical abilities but still manage to steal a soft spot in your mind. The place of personal conscious. When you hide trying to run, it would come after all. Its like a never ending Police and Thief. When you face it with a brave heart, it would still make you weak inside.

No matter how you deal with the subject, you would still feel a certain ache inside. What is so special anyway? Maybe its how it impact your life, one way or the other. You would often look back. I told you its not a bad thing to look back at square one. One would still have to face their fears, instantly or in the long-term.

People fall to lost.

"Nothing's gonna change my world,"
Across the universe. The Beatles.

Does this make any sense to you?


J. said...

Nope. Doesnt make any sense.

jj said...

and torn is the shits.

torn is my favourite song.

j.j said...

you have been warned.

Jumping Jane. said...

b, torn is the shits, meaning its nice. er. sorry lah.

phantom said...

what did u lose?

jack said...

torn is the shits = nice

my face = does it look like i give a damn?