Thursday, November 22, 2007


Here was what I was thinking during BIO class.

To conform to religion or to social norms?

The answer might just be crystal clear, but here's the catch : Why are still there conforming to social norms?


phantom said...

because social norms can be fun.

vladstudio said...

because no one likes to be a social outcast? because no one likes to be left behind?

and blogging is a conformity.

Jumping Jane. said...

haha secretly i know its you yang! anyway, is blogging a conformity? nah, i don't think so, i don't follow those bizarre ppl who posts their daily routines on the world wide web and who gives a damn what did they buy or what they had for lunch. the world is up for something much more than that.

.. but i guess in a way blogs are. but i don't do it for the sake of social norms.

vladstudio said...

sorry, i take back my words.

Anonymous said...

So, you weren't paying attention when Mr Chong was teaching in class? Hehehe.

Maybe they see religion as "rules that are meant to be broken". What if they're not doing it for the sake of social norms? What if they're doing it just so they can live the life they chose to live in?

XOXO, Chengs (Wth! lol)

phantom said...

Update plssssss!

content said...

I second Phantom!

Jack said...

Don't update please. Haha.

Joel Gan Jeremiah said...

hello nad, update la.

jandoe said...

why must there only be two options?

the term "social norm" itself is so generalized that it doesn't exactly strike a point- not all social norms are negative, after all.

vladstudio, even though you took back what you said about blogging being a conformity, in a way i think it is- these days, people are obsessed with finding something worthy to show to others of themselves, and most do that by blogging their POV.

isn't that already consenting and hence, conforming to the idea of wanting to be "unique"?

but the bigger Q i think is this: must the issue of conformity itself be a big deal?

just my two cents.

jack said...

jack says: nothing is worth it. not even your two cents. this topic can go on and on forever. debate is useless, debate is a conformity. blogging : it is a conformity. maybe for you, it isnt but for me it is. again, like i said, it can go on and on forever.

subject dropped.

Anonymous said...


lets get over it.