Monday, December 17, 2007

"Shut your eyes, I spin the big chair"

People often find things that unfold themselves for the better. You know, the ones in the movies where they play good songs along - where the role has find his/her inner strength. Does that often happen to you?

To go through the whole phase; well you need to find yourself. Be it through the tough or the easy route. Life-changing-experiences?

I read this book over the weekend: Open Your Eyes; where tales of authors unfold their journeys that had changed their lives- on how they view the world.

Just how did they choose their lives experiences and to pen them down; for everyone to read is just interesting. I mean, they know well which phase of their lives help them to unfold their lives for the better, and how to view the world.

If I was given a chance to tell a tale that actually changed my life; I wouldn't be confident on which phase that actually taught me how to view the world. Well, I myself am not sure whether how I view the world is the right one or otherwise- for the better.

So, what I'm fascinated about is how confident are they about their lives.

Can one be, at the first place?

Once, my friend was saying how safe I was about being myself. And she was telling me how she was not who I was, not secure of herself. Maybe that is/was why she's an experimental fiction-er. No harm done friend.

My point here is: Even if she had made that statement, I still am not convinced.

Well, one thing that I need to know is how do you know what your thoughts/actions etc are the right ones? From every aspects that matter to you. You know, the ones that need approvals from yourself and the people around you - parents, teachers, friends society etc. And if you're doing things for the sake of satisfying your wants, is it called selfish?

So, if you think you're confident on how you are, on what you do and on who you are; well good for you. But we're talking about way beyond the compliments and super outfits, hair-dos to boost your self-confidence/esteem here.


phantom said...

Boy!, you think far and deep for 18 years old.
Anyway, watch 'Unfaithful'?, there was this line " There's no right or wrong, its something you do or you don't".

Irregularities said...

Feed your ego - then feed the rest!