Friday, December 07, 2007

The prodigal blogger.

Been wondering where the hell have I been?

I have been feeding my lecturers pages of craps for them to grade. Yes, finals and assignments. And now, I'm back. Helping myself on the bed feeding the world wide up to increase the entropy of the universe. Notice the scientific term; so now you can judge how hard have I studied.

Anyways, just to add spice up to the cliche, I'm sorry for the static you loyal readers had to experience. You don't really miss much of my thoughts, just some pressure due to study last minute habit and uh, that applies to assignments as well. But anyway, yes, jumpingjane kembali. Kini berada di awangan bersama jack.


I did notice it a few days ago. I was wondering have you guys noticed it yet. ITS BLOODY DECEMBER. Feel how fast time flies? I swear to God, 2 days ago last year, I just ended my biology paper, made my last steps in school as a student there and now, a whole set of students are over with their school years.

I mean, wei i'm not over school yet, and I'll be a sophomore the next term.


Dah for now, enjoy my average posts, the ones you would get everywhere.

I'm too exhausted to think. I thought hard for my final paper this afternoon, 4 BLOODY ESSAYS on RELIGIONS.

Selamat malam dunia.


faz. said...

nadrahhhhhhhhhh. lets hangout. u, me, mel! :)

Jack said...


lala g* said...

naddie. aku rasa aku nampak hang kt J CO donuts sunway on sunday :P

Jumping Jane. said...

yes tuesday.

=) yang.

HAHAHAHA YES YOURE RIGHT. too long, malas pulak nak beli.

faz. said...

yang yang yang ying yang !

phantom said...

who is jack?

jack said...

your father