Friday, January 04, 2008


Girls just wanna have fun.

Cyndi Lauper might just sing that to you if you accuse her of hanging upside down from the window, under the influence. Regardless of her kids. Or she might just sing that when the media make a huge fuss over some sleepover pictures. I mean come on, we're all humans living our lives aren't we? (I've been watching too much E! haven't I?)

So why is it when someone did something so out of your norm you make a big fuss about it? Hah, maybe it is because out of your norm.

Like our dear Mr. Politician, well, he's just living isn't he? A guy is still a guy isn't he? Well push away all the ethical values and how they're suppose to actually set a good, healthy example. Come on, we all know that the whole scene is well, not really clean. So why all the commotion?

Lets move on already.

Just stand where we stand, and play well.

Forward to the next subject already.