Monday, February 11, 2008

Figures of lives.

Close your eyes. Tell me, when you picture your life a few years ahead, where do you see yourself standing? Under the bridge? Living your life to the top or would they all remain as what they are; as dreams?

For the past few weeks, I've been listening to tales of lives. And it made me think, ages would differ in figures. But not just that, it may differ through life experiences. Say, I'm turning 19 this year, and when people say; "You don't act like a 19 year old" its just another line for me, really, I hear that often. I mean, how is a 19 year old suppose to act anyway?

But when you're in your twenties, and probably have several kids; your life would totally change. All of a sudden you have more responsibilities on your shoulder. You look at the world differently, you toil and not live like others in your age do. And you often hope there's a reset button.

And when you were 13, you thought to yourself you were grown enough to think for yourself. To make decisions, and old enough to not order a Happy Meal. But where you stand today, when you glance at a 13 year old, you would say, he/she is still a kid. You make decisions for them, and they rebel.

And you never knew how a 13 year old decision would last until 6 years later, or maybe years years later!

Maybe that is why parents and children do not get along? They still see their kids as their babies. All grown up but yet, still a child.

Well, from a friend, she said it's like a must to move out of your folks' place when you're over 20- that's in the US. You know, live on your own, travel, work or whatever it is. I guess it's fine when you're studying abroad and live without your parents. And after that you graduate and work, and live on your own.

But what happens to the ones that study and live at your folks' home? I mean, in Malaysia really is not a big deal to not leave the house you grew up in. But let me ask you, until when would you depend on your parents? When would you start paying your own rent? When would you really face a financial problem?

At what age are these all suppose to take place?

When would you really stand on your two feet and make decisions of your own life, take charge of it, and be the damn pilot?

Now? 3 years from now?


faz. said...

but your college is so damn near. lol. and ofcourse yr mama will eventually help you in financial wise. even if you're already working part time, but that doesnt help that much, do they? and you have a brother at homeeeeeeee. all alone, better keep him company and guide him to get a good girlfriend! lol :) i miss you woman.

content said...

A good question which left me in a quandary too. In terms of age, i'm about to enter Kelab Tiga Kupang (obviously coined by some old people, haha!) and i'm still living with my parents who take care of my makan-minum, basuh-pakai, dll.

Yvonne Foong said...

These days people live in the same house not like leeches, but it's only wise considering the rate our cities are balooning.

Yah, got what you mean by the age thing. I'm turning 22 and I think 19-year-olds are KIDS. Muahahaha. Blek just kidding la. When I was 19, I wrote a book. But I had less confidence in myself.