Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Cosmic Synergy

This may sound cheesy as hell. Corny even.

Or this may turn out like Summer Finn's skeptical faith turning into a belief when she was reading Dorian Gray at a cafe and met her future husband. (Refer to 500 Days of Summer).

I wouldn't know about you, but it seem to me that there are two (or more) forces aligned to attract each other.

It may seem like the polarized ends of the magnetic bars. The kind where there are unseen parallel forces pulling, and pushing to one another. Detected, only when there are magnetic powder being scattered. The kind where it can't be seen with the naked eyes but discovered coincidentally. The kind where they are different, but complementing.

Extended from 2009, these cosmic forces have been unfolding odds that I've once underestimated.

Bumping into my favourite person (Fara) at the petrol station this morning convinced me that it was this whole Cosmos unfolding itself bit by bit.

What if I had gone to the petrol station before sending my Adik, and not after. What if she had gone to the one at USJ6, not USJ2?

What if, I hadn't looked around, and notice my kawan baik at the other end?

Timing is everything.

I wouldn't know about you, but it seem to me like the Cosmos is indeed proving the Laws of Attraction according to time.

Or maybe, it just may seem like Fate.

And just like that, I get my Muse back.


N said...

yay for 500 days of summer! best dude flick ever!

Jane said...

Best gila, kan kan?

Anonymous said...

很精彩的部落格 期待你的繼續加油........................................