Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Art of War, Sun Tzu.

Or doth he?


afiq norton said...

goes for all types of warfare huh ironically?

nice shoes nad. HAHA

Jane said...

Indeed, philosophers are geniuses. They make things so specific for general usage. The General Specific. (Lagu Bands of Horses)

I KNOW. First striking COLOUR shoe. Kau tau ah, I'm more of a black/dull colour person. Safe side

Jane said...

And I really meant *Band of Horses. Typo dengki!

N said...

how does this apply to everyday life? i see a vague connection but part2 ni i memang kantoi pun.

dull is good.

afiq norton said... of nick and norahs infinite playlist ada kan...

dull is safe =D

Jane said...


How it applies, its how you see it. In communication, if one provokes you at a distance, one may be too shy to do the first move. Hence, wanting the person to advance. "Makes no move, counting on a strong position". Somewhat like not confident and all.

Depends how you see it.

Afiq, movie to best! Sebab Michael Cera. :)

Dull is both safe and good. I like dull. ;)

afiq norton said...

well naturally i liked it because the songs are nice and kat pennings ( betul ke nama die?) sangat comel.