Sunday, July 18, 2010

Back to Basics

This was supposed to be an overdue post on Gaza, but let's just see how things unfold with a little personal twist to it.

When the flotilla was inhumanely attacked by the Zionist, the world reacted. What more with the whole manipulative 'truth' conveyed to the public by the Zionist media figures, leaving the entire world more outraged! Their sensory clearly saw the masked armies throwing activists down the ship, but the Zionist tells a different tale and 'truth'.

What is more tragic is that Gaza is being tightly controlled and monitored by the Israelis. I can't even begin to imagine the well-being and state of the people in their Gaza. How deprived are they there? Are they being denied by basic survival needs - food, water, shelter? Let alone education, mental states, security etc.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

And then imagine all the people who are being denied of their deserved basic shelters. Those living in war zones, poverty or simply the tiny local babies who are being thrown out by their own parents. What poor beings. When the rest of the world are busily polishing their mental states and plotting for better personal growth, this portion of deprived individuals are being denied of their basic needs and security.

We must not only be the champion sperm, but we are the luckier pot to be able to assess the internet.

But even being in this 'luckier' pot, we could be snatched away from our own security or our own homes. And you know what they say, home is where the heart is.

If the Israelis and the Flotilla are being represented by individuals and on a daily context, it would be like this:

In a rowdy argument and rather confusing dispute on which Truth to be made dominant, both Mr. Flotilla and Mr. Israel decided to straighten things out. At this point, both their heads are made blur of the lines drawn between right, wrong, this and that. You know, the familiar state where we simply do not know what and which to believe in. That once clearly defined line got blurry. And they no longer feel safe as they loose their self-control. So, they got lost in their heads.

So they argued over the different Truths for the sake of being right. Both wanted to convince another about their Truths. But you and I both know (at this current state) in our rational and clear minds and states, that there's no objective Truth, only pragmatic Truth. Absolute Truth is beyond our reach as that's the Al-Mighty's. So the two ran in circles chasing Truth, like dogs chasing for a bone being tied from their backs. Get the picture?

Being humans as they are, Mr. Flotilla and Mr. Israel could not take the dispute any longer as none of them are willing to say their peace and allow another to have the 'authority' and control over the situation. So they decided to deprive another of their own basic security. They got physical.

Who won? Neither. Because Truths simply differ even by the tiniest bit. So what did they do at the end of the day? They tolerate their differences, and live.

Ah, maybe then Tolerance should be it. I mean, the world got over the holocaust that happened 60 odd years ago. But the remainders remain as friendly reminders.

But we never learn, don't we?

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