Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear Stranger,

The stranger on the train.

Have you ever wondered why it's possible to have the deepest
and most profound conversation with someone you've only just
met. The man on the train. The woman on the plane.

It's often while travelling, and it happens rarely. But when
it does, it can be remarkable.
You confide in each other to an amazing degree. It's somehow
easy for you to see one another's Big Picture.

Perhaps it's because you know you're unlikely to see one
another again. Maybe it's that you've got the other person's
undivided attention for quite a long, but finite time.

Whatever it is, there's something really powerful about this
idea of safely exchanging confidences with someone you don't
really know.

Written by Jon (Moodscope team), from a daily Moodscope e-mail dated July 14, 2010.

I just like the idea how I thought of this on the same day, and then there's the e-mail. And of course, because I love Deeper Conversation. Only because I love to dissect one's heart and soul - is that even ethical?

Also, it is because it helps you to see the World and Life.

I want to see the world and be nomadic in between twisted liberal and moderate perseverance of conservative ideologies.

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