Friday, October 15, 2010

"I'm gonna start a revolution from my bed," sings Liam.

I was asked at dinner the night before on what my aspirations were to get myself at this particular point of my life. If you ask me, it was a pretty heavy topic to discuss over tea with 5 friends after a long day. A heavy topic in which I wouldn't lay down every details of it. It was the choice between a generalise answer or vice versa. But I figured this wasn't a therapy session but a conversation 'normal' people had.

Honestly, I was digging my own mind to answer. I don't know why, but every other time one asks me why this and not anything else, I go blank. Kind of like doing an assessment. A bit of a Hawthorne effect. It's not that I am not in touch with my sense of aspiration. I suppose it is difficult to paint a picture for another without missing every details of the context without misleading them into a different interpretation. Well, nobody said it was easy.

So I subtly dodged the question by tempting them into how one's being could meet life's abnormalities like Schizophrenia or Bipolar Disorder. I cheated.

Today in class, we talked about Aspirations. The kind of why we individuals wanted to be where we were sitting right that particular moment. There wasn't a "one size fits all" situation, but there were similarities. The kind of innate motivation that brought us there on that particular day.

Wasn't it Rumi who said, "The lamps are different, but the light is the same"? It's exactly that. Notice "the Light", and if you like, al-Noor, surah 24 in the Holy Quran.

I could not help but laughed in appreciation. It is indeed perfect how the cosmos work. We had similar drives, the urge of wanting to shine light to our Selves as well as to other people and their Selves. Searching a sense of Self and meaning. Facilitating one's personal growth and development. We were somewhat damaged at some points of our lives. We were going to discover the undiscovered depths on one's psyche. Brought by our own self-awareness, we want to experience somesort of therapy.

We want to get a grasp of Life.

I am content, Alhamdulillah.

(I've got to come up with better titles).


Pet Shop Boys said...

Im gonna start revolution from my bed...actually Noel sing that. Not his brother.

Jane said...

Oh right, that was when Noel came in? Thought it was during Definitely Maybe?