Friday, December 31, 2010

When do you feel most alive?

Individuals take many forms. Of which, are related to their social roles depending on the social context that they are in. But which of these forms best represent their True Self (if such exists)?

if the True Self is existent, then which?

At which state of these 'selves' collectively forms or portrays one's 'True Self'?

When, do you feel most alive?

When do you feel most in touch with your internal world?

Is it when you detach/disengage yourself with others' selves? Or is it when you are functioning part of your other 'selves'? Is it when you're around your containing environment? Around your family, friends, loved ones? Is it when you're doing that thing you love so deeply? Is it when you're out with your lover tracing skylines, and being madly in love? Or is it when you're alone with your head, with your Soul? When your insides (insights) turn outward?

Is it, when your mindfulness come to live without the need of social acknowledgment?

Would your "true" form of Self be the collective set of your social roles? Would that be enough? Do they, collectively, make you feel alive?

And when you lose any of these parts, would you feel like you lose your Self?

When do you feel most alive?


vulp said...

Hi Nadrah, your writings are beautiful, especially this one (: In normal life, I feel most alive when am alone, lazing the eve on a long bench, staring at the clear blue sky or the thick clouds and surrounding mountains. When on vacation (not so normal life), snorkeling in the deep blue ocean (how i wish i can scuba dive!) or gazing at the sunset and the vast Celebes Sea and its surrounding islands makes me feel most alive. Ha ha indecisive, eh!

Jane said...

Hello! I think it's brilliant how you get to distinguish normal life and not so normal life he he. ;)