Thursday, January 27, 2011

Turning Tables.

The thing about Adele is that she makes music out of the age years I'm supposed to learn from. Probably because coincidentally, she shares similar developmental stages like I do. Then, when I was 19, and today, when I'm 21. And her new album is brilliant :D


ridhwan noordin said...

I don't really hear her songs, but I'd like to comment that HMV is my favourite place to shop!! haha
others shop at Zara, MNG, bla bla bla but hey, I waste my money at least 50 euros a month on PS3 games, hahaha.. game addictness

Jane said...

Definitely Wan! One of the reasons I come here pun, cause of HMV ah. Oi shopping je! Come Canterbury lah. Dublin's too cold for me :D Monja bought PS3 and I'm too far to play PS3 :(

ridhwan noordin said...

haha, have no time lah now, like we have to go to hospitals and all, then only have time during weekends for recuperation and study, sigh