Friday, January 14, 2011

When do you feel most alive? (Redundant)

Passion gives me moments of wholeness
Anaïs Nin

"When do you feel most alive?", I asked a good friend of mine just 5 days before the new year. There isn't any rationale behind my question, of course. Just the state of feeling as a part of the whole; a tiny node of the complex ecology. And out of curiosity of the other individual's internalisation.

But mostly because, there are times when I get the feeling of emptiness. You know, the feeling where you feel you're really just drifting through time and getting caged up inside your head?

There are also, moments when I feel fulfilled and alive. It is when I'm reading concepts, ideas and interventions on solipsism with a particular playlist on my iPod driven by that particular muse. Or when I walk in the halls of the local psychiatric ward last Monday for an interview.

And I didn't know what it was until yesterday...

Passion, that's all it takes.

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