Friday, December 29, 2006

Back from silent nights.

Haha, so I guess I didn't really stick to my word whereby I said I would continue blogging. Just to stick to my word, for the record, I've been BUSY (and so everyone says that) AND I have a bloody RETARDED (sorry sayang, but its TRUE) PC. But my Pc is back to normal, changed the power supply and yeah, =) (you may know EXACTLY why I'm smiling and where EXACTLY I'm blogging from) OH! Anyway, the screen very besar lah. HOHO. Ok, stop being a show off Naddy.

So, after days of silence from me through my blog and my "keling" language;
Here goes nothing;


If you've read my last post, you would know I started working few weeks ago. And yah it was a 14days job, and hey hey, it just ended a couple of days ago.
Yes it was fun no doubt, with that three psychotic fatties (only they're not fat) and there were some days we chew each other heads off and there were some days our friends tagged along, no doubt we would miss the days, on my side at least, not sure about them though. And I know they secretly read my blog, but they're all very senyap. So here's to you guys, you know who you are. =)
And loiter around looking for foreign workers is not a very easy job ok! You have to jalan-jalan and look around, approach them, and all we did was scaring them away, afraid that we were there to check whether they're here in Malaysia illegally or so. Ho. Whatever happened to all the banteras the pendatang haram? I could start one super long essay on the effects on our country and the residents here, but SPM dah habis, so macam malas, plus, you would get bored anyway, gotta learn how to make it short and sweet. (How? With my messed up and complicated head? Haha. We'll find a way.) So yah, 14 days passed, I'm gonna miss you guys!

New phase of life.

"There're many things that I would like to say to YOU but I don't know how."

So so, college is starting say about 3 days time. Actually its just orientation week but, still? I would have to pack my stuffs and carry it up the stairs, and clean my room up etc etc. Its kinda sad that its finally here, but the other half of me is all hyped up! You decide. Actually, I'll decide. But insyaAllah, things will be fine. I'm all ready for this, emotionally, physically and mentally. So yeah. Anyways, there are many things I would like to tell, or rather post about, but I guess its pretty much twisted and personal. So so, anyways, all I can say is, we'll figure things out and I hope things will end well. Both ways.

Lipgloss and Makeup's Birthday

I should say it was REALLY havoc in the morning! But then Marshall planned a surprise birthday party for his DEAREST B, awww, so sweet? =) So after work, (which btw, the next day they got fired) we were to meet up at his mom's cafe and so we did. Haha. He planned this weird thing to took her out but this buy that to delay time. It was really cute and sweet of him lah kan. =) So, never put your hopes too high.

Geek with hot shoes' barbeque dinner.

BEST lah. JUMPA PAPERBAGGED OK!! Saya sangat rindu awak tau MAKCIK!

Final say;

I think I've lost my capability to write panjang panjang, or I'm just tired and blanked.
Anyways, it just keeps growing. Trust me. Its a good thing, isn't it?

OK selamat malam then.
May peace be upon you.

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