Friday, June 06, 2008

Ekonomi RumahTangga.

It seems that most the people around me are getting married.

Ah, maybe not directly connected, but still, they are getting married. They are taking that giant leap of faith. You know, the responsibility that they have to carry together. This weight they have to lift, the lives they have to combined.

Did I mention the life they would have to nourish and nurture?

Oh boy.

Most of them are in their mid and late twenties. But seriously, its a big step. I wonder when my closed 20-something friends are getting married. Oh, what more MY closest friends. HAHA. Sumpah kelakar.

Would they invite people to their wedding through Facebook's RSVP? Attending, Not attending, Maybe Attending.

Lagi lah hilarious.

Talk about advanced and new generation. As if wasting trees for their fancy wedding invitations aren't adequate. Then again, you only get married only once.

Ooops, maybe you would get the chance to get married again. I mean, isn't that the trend? Nikah, cerai, nikah lagi, cerai lagi. Bla bla bla.

My point is, marriage is a huge step. I mean, its not just mere signing documents, legalize your sexual intercourses and all. Its about uh, combining two souls, lives. And uh perhaps love? Its not the hardest nor easiest thing in the world. Its just big, huge. Bigger than your body.

Imagine managing your household economy. Bills, who pay this, who pay that? Electric bills dah nak naik. Minyak kereta lagi. Soon, monthly rentals. Groceries! Miscellaneous? Who knows when your pipe lines in your house might give you problems. Or maybe that stupid dumb lock at your front door is not working. See? Money. I mean, even in a relationship you want to manage your funds together pun might lead to an argument. What more when you're married. Don't get me started when you're expecting a baby.

Then comes the in-laws. You know you would have to constantly make them happy. Who wouldn't want their kid to be in good hands? Pretending in their presence would not help. I mean, its a form hypocrisy.

And all that things you're suppose to be in it together. Ah, heavy stuff. I mean, well, hidup sendiri sekarang ni pun tak terurus, lagi nak kahwin. Ish. Mati okay.

But maybe they're just ready for that giant leap of faith. All that trust, respect, commitments etc. Its not mere making babies and play house.

But I'm sure they know what they're doing. Maybe they have managed their lives well and it is time to merge them. The more the merrier right? Lol.

All the best. Love always wins right?

Speaking of which, I'm 19-year-old-to-be but I still do not know how to cook a decent meal or even bake. I'm a girl that enters the kitchen just to wash her dishes and make hot drinks for herself. I don't help mama in the kitchen like other of my friends do. Heck, my kid brother occasionally helps mama in the kitchen. Lol. I swear I need to start working on my home-making skills. Even my friends are picking up with them like baking? Or helping their moms in the kitchen.

There are so many things I have to catch but I hope it is still within my ability.

And marriage? I think I do not want to get married. Sigh, big big responsibilities.

Commitments pun macam susah je, lagi nak kahwin.

HAHA, pardon me for thinking about marriage. All these wedding invitations and stories are making me think!


pinknerd said...

AHEM. looks like someone's given a thought or two in this matter.

you DO wanna get married dont you!?!

jangan malu-malu... ;)

Jumping Jane. said...


Wei, I did give a thought. But HAHAHA TAKNAK AH WEI.

crux said...

wah wah wah...mentang2 sudah tukar status...jangan le tak kawin...mau makan preee....

Jumping Jane. said...

Rejaie siot lah! Haha, you pun same je. Bila mau kahwin? Loool.

saRah said...

just like what mr chong said, u can only get married once you have at least RM 10,000 in ur bank account. haha, lol. btw, you do have problems with commitments kan ? dari dulu lagi u slalu ckp but its okay, i understand why ure feeling that way. :))


Jumping Jane. said...

Hello? I said something about commitments ke? Lol. Sabar sabar lah dulu kan. *Ehem* LOL.

Anyway S, terima kasih! I shall see you in class tmrw.

Nabilah said...

Hahaha. I know, marriage talk makes you think of what would happen if it was your wedding kinda thing. Hahah.

Marriage is totally more than what people think. People underestimate this, that's why there are so many divorces nowadays. Ech.

I'm like you where I still can't cook or clean the house for everyone but myself. Haha. Most of my friends know this but they insist that I'm ready for marriage coz I've found "the one" and that we have a house (for him) and we can basically get married any time due to obtaining a marriage license (don't ask).

But I guess their words just reinforce the fact that ppl underestimate marriage. Hehe. I just hope when I do get married, I'll be ready to do everything that is required. At least, know what to do about them. Hehe

Jumping Jane. said...

Omg Nabbb, so jauh lah you fikir. Loool. It comes when it comes. :)

Good that you've found "the one" THUMBS UPPP!

*cosmic freak* said...

hurm. a cynic's perception on marriage. my biggest fear is to please the in-laws. I can't even listen to my own folks. wedding = fun. but marriage is a sacred thing. unfortunately, people doesn't make sound decisions these days. I do respect and admire those few marriages that works tho. some of my friends are married for 4 years, 10 years, still lovey dovey with each other. God Bless their marriage.

if I were to write about marriage, it would be a long one. so I'm just gonna write this "I'm inviting you to visit my site to cast your votes to help me select my pictures to exhibit for KLUEUrbanscapes this coming 28th".


sina said...

haha jane, you just given me an idea! i'll send my wedding invite through facebook! :O

Jumping Jane. said...

HAHA, so do I get an invite?? :)

Kakak Abby, buat RSVP kat facebook lah!

kamal said...

vera wang's wedding gown: $10 000
reception: $20 000
dowry: $88 888

making your parents the happiest people in the world: priceless

for everything else, there's Ah Long.

Jumping Jane. said...

You're watching too much E! Kamal, reduce your television time please.

Focus on worrkk.

Making your parents happy is priceless yes.

But what about making yourself happy? Sometimes parents just don't see eye to eye with the kids' choices. What about that?