Friday, June 06, 2008

Out from the ashes,

Selamat sejahtera.

Can I start with, I'm hungry?

Oh that's right. But it would be ridiculous if I were to spend on food outside when you can get them at home. After all, harga minyak naik kan? We might as well coin our money for our cars.

Yeah, the same machine that's going to destroy our home.

Ironically, what came from the earth is going to destroy it. Its kinda you eat yourself alive. Think about it, petroleum is one of the Earth's best asset, and now, because of petroleum, the earth is dying. Bloody global warming.

But anyway, it doesn't really matter. What matter "MOST" is harga minyak naik.

I see the brighter side of this. But don't go throwing pebbles at me if you see me walking down the street. I'm not an extremist, I'm just in the middle.

You see, harga minyak naik. You could start using your car less. Start using your trusty legs, and maybe the bike! Or ehem, the public transportation.

Complain all you want about the public transport. But just be thankful that at least we have them. And guess what? I love our public transport. I never understand why people complain about them. Maybe its not up to Singapore's MRT or what not, but yeah, it is there. Live with it. Kalau nak complain sangat, jalan ah kau seorang-seorang, tak payah ah naik bus or train. BOO.

Harga minyak naik.

Maybe just maybe some people know how to appreciate what they have. You know, don't go spending all the cash and know how to restrict your financial and all. And they know have to control their panjang langkah habits. Just drive when you need to. Discipline yourself.

Besides, you can help the earth too. And that means, less traffic.

I was driving to college today, and wah, I was surprised the traffic was smoooooth. Then I started laughing like a retarded baboon. "Maybe semua orang decided to not drive, walk, take the bus or something!". But I laughed. Which means, LIKE IT WILL HAPPEN. Sadly because its the school holiday. Cheers.

One thing is that, kesian the needy ones. No not you, don't categorize yourself as that because I bet you'd be reading this from a laptop in your cozy little room or something. My point is that you still can afford to access the Internet.

The needy ones.

The one where they kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang. Where their parents toil their asses off at the ladang getah or something. And they have like a bunch of young kids to look after. To provide food, clothes and all that thing you have to provide for your children. Where their income is totally unstable. Sigh.

But again, to blame externally on government is again inappropriate. I mean, internally we have to be well too. Control your life. Plan it well. I'm sure insyaAllah, with God's will you won't go wrong.

Harga minyak naik.


kamal said...

wah lamanya muse ko tak datang.

anyway, about the harga minyak, i guess the one who complaint the most are the one who are already rich, but they loss some profit. the poor one didn't bother to complaint coz no one will never hear their voice.

yess you are right, kayuh pelan pelan.

Jumping Jane. said...

Haha, Muse berlambak. Malas je nak tulis. Nak tulis kan ke Kamall?

anyway, the rich nak save cause byk hutang bank sbb rumah and kereta semua. sebab itu lah kot?

yang less fortunate tu, well, tak tau lah saya.