Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Talking bird,

Okay, enough about Love and all the matters related to it, like marriage.

Don't ask me why, but I have this sudden laziness to update my write-ups. I have been caught up with the fast lane; the social crowd. Yeah, even I'm slacking now. Wait, that's not new anyhow.

Social cliques.

You could climb all the way up of the world and differentiate people and the norms. Then you would feel this sudden rush in you, maybe a little ethnocentric.

Don't feel bad. I'm sure most of us have those moments in our lives.

So I separated them into columns in my head, the ones who have similar traits; I relate them to the positive and negative ones. You know, the kind that; you smoke, ah, you're type B. You drink, you're type C. The type A? Too far to reach.

But you know, that was then. Now I realized, ah, there are subcategories. Haha, I know I'm not suppose to classify people, but I guess it just happens. Not like I want to. It happens, this mind. This idealistic mind.

Then again, he/she could be type B, but when you look deep enough; he/she is human after all. And people make silly mistakes, and judgments for that matter.

I mean, this type B person could be the most notorious person in religion, but he could be the most intelligent person you ever met. Like Plato genius or maybe like Einstein genius or you know, the future politician or what not.

I mean, you could put your life in religion, and think that this person would go far in life, but without religion, its meaningless. But some may think, life's life. And God, well.. remains as er, an abstract figure?

Catch my drift?

Wonder why people relate positive acts with positive traits?

There was this once in a movie or was it an episode of some series, A PUNK, yes a punk. The one with super psycho hair-do, with thick white powder and black lip-stick and baju yang koyak rabak (budget style) and chains everywhere and piercings as their primary facial accessories IS THE FRIGGIN' NURSE.

Would you trust this punk cum nurse with your life?

So, tell me, why do we classify people? And be bias.

The social crowd, well, they're not all that bad. I mean, we fall we stand. And the Sun still shines, even He is there still.

And I'm suppose to be studying for Test. Stupid Intro to Comp.

And I swear, I need to swim deeper into my mind.


kamal said...

so what type of person i am?

Jumping Jane. said...

Gila cynical. Haha, I thought you were the type yang er listen to non-mainstreams songs.But clearly you're not really one. haha,

*cosmic freak* said...

I can swim but can't float. that should explain why I always dwell and sink deeper into my thoughts.

people lives to meet social demands, and try hard to be socially acceptance.

they forgot they not just carry a body and a mind. in there they carry a soul as well.

go study. and please ... I'm not Makcik A.B. Tukarla jadi Makcik Abby at least!

Jumping Jane. said...

Yes madam!

*cosmic freak* said...

terima kasih adik. :-)

kamal said...

yes you are right
im too lazy to be original

but music is music
no big deal

but i think mostly people choose to be unpredictable


pinknerd said...

totally agreed!

friends are naturally classified into different groups in our heads as much as we like to deny, and prevent it.

it happens.