Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Zero-ed me,

So here's the thing.

These things that have been filling the empty space in my head, are divided into several approaches. At which, Darwin just keeps repeating himself after being longgg dead. Wish you well though Darwin.

But anyway, apart from him being brilliant and an atheist, he just annoys the hell out of me. Well, in a good way I suppose.

You see, my text books tell stories of similar themes. That subtle hints at which, life is classified, or rather divided into several approaches. Biological, or cognitive. The classic Nature vs. Nurture.

Can you believe it? It is bad enough we classify people into social classifications, profession wages, color skins, ethnicity, races, political ideologies etc. And now, our lives are actually classified. What makes it worse is that, these classifications are subtle. So discreet that we actively and consistently promote "World Peace" or "Equality" although we know pretty darn well that we still have that tiny bits of inequality and bias.

Like in the family car and saying, "These Chinese/Malay/Indian drivers, they just don't know how to drive". I wonder, Lucey (and fellow other half blood friends who read this), do your parents make such remarks when all your family members share the same ride? Being half Chinese and half Indian and such.

But that's out of the context. You see, as what I have read a couple of times: life is being approached by these two general insights: Nature or Nurture.

Like in explaining human's behavior for example. How can one be so motivated, so goal-driven, so definite of something? Evolutionists would approach this with the whole "natural selection" and the superior traits in order for us to survive. Hence, they are determined because they are innate with such traits. Or rather er, "programed" with the idea of surviving?

Or are they taught and directed towards accomplishments in life? You know, growing up in the right environment, right people, right principles etc etc kind of bull. You know, the whole monkey see, monkey do.

Then it leads me to this: emotions. So are we "biologically/chemically" driven or were we taught/conditioned to feel as such in given situations?

Take love for example. How bloody overrated is that? Are we biologically driven to "love", to "reproduce" and to maintain our species? Preserve our genes to survive? Or because babies come from Mommy and Daddy?

Is it just me, or are these two forces eating us from the inside? I mean, I know it is the whole balanced forces. It is like, what is a hero without a villain? Complementary. Funny thing is, at times, when these two forces are balanced, it will make you feel empty:


Empty as hell.

Okay, I got to stop thinking. You can start filling my head now.


Anonymous said...

yo yo , jan is in the house. haha

Jumping Jane. said...

lama you tak masuk blog i ni kan jan? haha i nak tuner lagi lol

Che Eduardo said...

Too much of textbook- syndrome...