Friday, January 02, 2009

Dia ni suka tag saya,

Tapi tak apa, gives me a reason to post a post, rather than write a note on facebook.

The rule of being tagged is to answer promptly.

What were you doing 5 years ago?

2004. Budak sesi pagi Sekolah Menengah SMK Seafield, probably getting all hyped up for PMR.

What were the 5 things on your list to do today?
- Meet my tiny friend for breakfast.
- Proceed the remaining 200+ pages of a novel.
- Adopt a daughter in The Sims 2, and send my son to college.
- Try to do chores.
- Try to be a good daughter at home?

What are the snacks that you enjoy?
- Heaven Berry and Hazel Dazzle
- Hot Floss from Bread Talk
- Keropok lekor
- Nerds
- Errrr?

What are 5 things that you do if you were a billionaire?
- Build a bloody cantik house with a bloody cool library? With tons of books and shit. And a nice walk in closet too?
- Probably shop like Paris Hilton or something. (HA HA)
- Build my own theme park like M.J's Neverland only COOLER.
- Invest and breed my money man!
- Pay the politicians to not be corrupted? Haha, sama je kan.

What 5 jobs you’ve had?
- Nando's waitress.
- DiGi flier girl.
- Women's Secret sales assistant.
- Mama and Papa's elder daughter.
- Sarcasm's poster girl!

Who are the 5 person you want to tag?
- Can I not tag?


*cosmic freak* said...

the same reason why I did the tag at first, to not write a note on FB or my blog, but still ... write something! haha.

Che Eduardo said...

Life's full of dream, ain't it Jane.. And please don't talk about stopping writing, nonsensical you...


the enigma said...

"Build a bloody cantik house with a bloody cool library? With tons of books and shit."..hmm sounds familiar.....haha