Tuesday, August 16, 2011

At war!

Swimming in the sea of psychoanalytic jargons. Redundant, I know.

I bet my followers on Twitter are sick of me tweeting about my love-hate relationship with Freud. Freud, Freud, Freud, Freud. And Freud.

I spoke to a good friend of mine, and the discussion on knowledge and Truth went on and on. We can only know as much as a drop of water in the mighty ocean. Yet, we strive for perfection in our academic papers.

We know perfection is not ours and that we can only know just as much. We attempt to practice and live up our lives to the Truth as urged and sent. But yet, it's like we have this little innate chip in us saying - perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect prefect.

And we came to the conclusion, kami salahkan sistem pendidikan negara.

What made me think I can do this MSc. again?

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