Friday, August 19, 2011

Pretty girls in make-up.

Maybe it is because I didn't really grow up in a proper girlish way. Or maybe it is just normal for people to converse seriously about it loudly on the bus or something.

But really?

I never knew how much coating of mascara can there be! To top it up different brushes and their different effects on your eye lashes. Or what wonders layers of foundation could be, and the vast range of it.

Or how they can spend hours at Boots around the make-up section so seriously. And their deep affections towards make-ups. Or how there's actually very little they need but it is just that they want so much.

And then they had got me thinking of consumerism and capitalism instead! Or how we should really invest on golds and silvers (not to sell them again on rainy days but you know) since the monetary system is screwed up, anyways.

I think now I understand when the boyfriend told me how he was 'observing' (eavesdropping more like it -_- takes one to know another, kan?) people who were discussing some new mainstream single hit so seriously.


Here I am trying to digest the relations between Anna Freud, not like I'm such a bore or anything but yeah.

I miss the days when life was narrowed to jeans, tee and a pair of good ol' Converse. My life has turned into long skirts and maxi dresses.

But really, do people ever talk about anything substantial anymore?

Since we're here, I might as well share this.

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