Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Psyched, not cooked.

Dulu, masa aku kemaruk nak belajar memasak, asal masuk dapur je mesti kena halau dengan mama. Sebab aku buat kerja bersepah. Dan mungkin aku tak reti memasak, so hanya akan melambatkan proses dia memasak. Basically, she likes to do it on her own.

Kemudian, bila aku tanya orang macam mana nak masak, rata-rata orang akan kata - secukup rasa. Eh hello, secukup rasa macam mana tu? Satu sudu ke, dua sudu ke, secubit ke apa ke. Gua tak reti lah, bro!

Tapi tu dulu. (Bukannya pandai masak dah pun, cuma boleh lah nak gemukkan diri sendiri)

Sekarang ni, mengikut pengiraan dan pertikaian aku, cooking is 1 part ingredients the other parts confidence. Confident je kau nak masak apa okay, lepas tu hias cantik-cantik. Reverse psychology, orang kata.

But then it hit me. Cooking is beyond the procedures of it.

I asked mama the other day on how to cook Laksa Johor (yer cita-cita tinggi, tapi tak ada bahan pun kat sini). After giving me a whole list of ingredients yang tak boleh dapat kat sini, at the end she said: "Baca je Bismillah, and cook it with love. InsyaAllah, sedap lah tu nanti".

And Freud said, "Psychoanalysis is in essence a cure through love". You don't need to be in therapy to see psychoanalytic thinking in progress. It's everywhere in life.

And even in Islam, you're urged to eat food to the purest of forms. I mean, genetically modified food is not good for your health anyways. What more with the whole issue of having emulsifiers with pork in it, Halal chicken made fat with animal proteins or even food containing alcohol (even to the tiniest bit).

In a family institution, ideally, we are to eat home-cooked food together at the dinner table. And it is at the dinner table where we converse to one another at the end of the day. Eating food cooked from the purest of forms with love by the mother and put on the table by the father. Nourishments for the souls, both parents and kids.

Think about it.

Even at the start of a family institution, we have two separate individuals who have gone through two separate childhood, growing environment and phases of lives. These two would have to adapt and assimilate to each others' taste buds developed through their respective households and childhood. Years later, the kids would attain that nuclear family's collective taste buds and would have to assimilate further in future. And so forth.

Macam nak masak soto ayam tapi ada banyak cara.

Point is?

Entah, daging yang aku main masak je tadi sedap lah jugak. Hehe

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