Monday, May 19, 2008


"Try lying for a change, its a currency of the world!"
Jude Law, closer.

"Love is such a strong word, Lo. You, I love!"
L.C, The hills.

Bahaha, okay later.


*cosmic freak* said...

there's a tagline for Closer which I like.

"If you fall in love at first sight .... You'll never stop looking."

and the quote I like from Closer is:-

Alice: I don't eat fish. Fish piss in the sea.

Dan: Kids piss in the swimming pool too.

Alice: I don't eat kids either.

(Closer is one of my favourite movie of all time, hehe.)

Roronoa Zoro said...

OMG you watch the Hills too? Like OMG, like I watch it too, like totally. And I was like, this is like, the best show like, ever... like totally. but i like, hate LC, cuz she's like, skank, not like whore skank, but like, skank skank. youknowwhatImean? she's like... so whatever. and audrina is like TMTH. team audrina yay! gtg, TTYL!


Jumping Jane. said...

kakak cosmic,
JUDE LAW YOOO! and omg julia gila cantik kan wei in the movie. AND ALICE SUMPAH SMART GILA. she gila cun! i mean i tak tau whats her problem lying about her identity and stuff, but GILA SMART. I mean, there's a certain sadness in her life that made her buat mcm tu. i swearrr!!
ahhh jom tgk closer balik! :)

abg roronoa,

ya allah, sumpah you kena bukak bimbo class. gila bimbotic okay. audrina gila rocker chick. AND I LIKE THEIR HANDBAGS, I WAS LIKE, OMG CHANEL! its frigggggin pretty you know? and omg did you see they just move to a new house! and ah, brody ada gf baru. hahahahaha
you tgk kat tv ke kat website wei? :D (shit bimbotic jugak aku ni ye, shhh!)

pinknerd said...

i saw something interesting on facebook today which reminds me to ask you something. beep me if you see me online. we need to talk.

Roronoa Zoro said...

i dont really watch it, but if i do, i do it online. tv is like so 90's y'all.

seriously i dont get it about women and bags. sometimes they are hideous but women worship them like its a newborn baby. i cant find what's the aesthetic value of those handbags.. of maybe in their twisted mind, they just see the cute chinchilla the bag used to be. lol.

Roronoa Zoro said...

omg i feel so butch