Thursday, December 11, 2008

'Are we humans, or are we dancers?'

You know, this subject has been bugging me since a couple of months ago. When I realized about how the social circle functions.

Okay you see, what makes us become closed to a person? Namely your closed friends.

This isn't a romantic or an intimate puzzle whereby physical attraction comes in first before you pursue the other party. In a friendship, well, what could have been the starter?

You might probably start from decent small talks about how your courses are a match on your first day in college. Then just because you don't have any friends around, you guys share a sub over lunch. And so it has been that for the past couple of years.

You might have been the best of friends, oops I believe the term is BFF for now. Anyway, you might have been BFFs since play school. You chase each other down the street from the moment you knew a ball could bounce to the point where you two would sneak out of the house late night, chasing girls and boys.

But really, what was the one thing that make you grow much more closer? Your similar interests, and compatible traits. Could have been anything in the world right, what are the odds anyway?

Could have been the loud-banging music, or that jazzy tunes. Could have been the same flavored ice-cream to the same taste of fashion.

Then again, if you are a template of the other party, you'd be accused of a 'Wannabe' of the 'Queen Bee'. You'd end up like Marty and his new found home in Africa, the same. You'd be amongst the sheep, er I mean, Zebras.

After first couple of contacts, that relationship just grow like any other. But as your life matures day by day, that strong bond is in tact regardless of the distance and the short period of time spent together.

Then you venture out of your safety zone, out of your inner circle. Meet new people, and socialize. This is the time where you would truly know how strong are you towards your personal principles.

The beauty that lies within is that how the closed and loved ones are always there, despite the rough patches, the absence and the silence.

See how wonderful people function?


Anonymous said...

As a loner; I've got no views on this..

Jumping Jane. said...

heh, wassup che! you're back as er Che!! :D

kinteruvoid said...

hi jane.

a note on the previous entry. I totally agree. We look to the future so much that we forget we're living now. i thought that post was great.

with this post, i think people click because of their values or personality or the same mindset. well, you could 'click' with anyone at all if you choose to, but most of that kind of relationships will be fake. but, if you have the same way of seeing things and agree with most stuff, i think that's when people bond. that's only one reason i could think of now, but i find it's an important one. what say you?

wow panjang.

Jumping Jane. said...

Hey K.

Wow thank you, I felt Hopes and Life was kinda mundane and empty. Thanks anyway.

Uhuh, just like those Chic Flick American Highschool shows. You know, trying hard to fit in the cool crowd, dance your way through only to really find out it kills your conscience. Fake relationships. Hee, and definitely how they perceive things in a similar manner. Especially in the philosophy of life and abstract entities. Oh, even the tiniest normal things in life.

Life's just so wonderful eh.

Tak ape panjang, tulis panjang lagi pun tak kisah.