Friday, December 19, 2008

Hero ke Zero?

You are my hero.

No actually you are not. Because you know why? I have never really understand the whole concept of having a hero. To me, it is just like looking up to somebody. Like idolize them or some sort.

I don't live in a movie where Spiderman, Superman, or Justice League exist. I don't have a doraemon to argue with. But I would probably end up at the back alley all alone walking back to the big ass car, with my little sling bag - tailing my steps.

I would also probably end up with a group of stupid, lifeless men who happened to like to tease little girls like me. I would probably end up being a victim of a snatch theft. InysaAllah, I'd be safe though.

I could be just another victim of an unfortunate mundane life event. But I do not have a hero that would fly me away upon miliseconds before such event occur. I do not have a man who has superpowers to physically abuse the villain. I live in Subang Jaya, not Gotham City. The only dark knight here is probably the mamak who feed citizens with oily roti canais. A savior of our hungers. (Siot, aku tak racist okay)

No one to save me.

No, I was wrong. I could probably end up as a victim of life's unfortunate events yes. But after going through these events, I am still saved. I could climb the highest social ladder, meet some folks who diverted from the ideal path - I could still be saved.

Because a hero must not necessarily be a person who provides you safety from the villains who would jeopardize your life instantly like from a snatch theft. A hero provides you a vast amount of security from different aspects.

A hero could provide you a secured shelter, stable economy. What's more important, a hero would always try to save you from yourself. You know, the possible demons in you. A hero hence, would always remind you to stick to your grounds, principles and philosophy.

All these over Wonderwall. The Gallagher brothers make me feel in love, and made me put it on repeat.

Maybe, you're gonna be the one who saves me. :)


Anonymous said...

Did something happen in the Klang Valley while I was away?

Jumping Jane. said...

Nothing much, SALES and Xmas I suppose.

Where are you Che? or were?

Jumping Jane. said...

oh my bet, langkawi!! :P

kinteruvoid said...

damsel in distress?

kamal said...

yo I'm compiling the 2008 year end lists of my interwebs friends. feel free to submit your lists to my blog. It can be about anything, the world, your fave music, or even yourself. This is like a tag thing but not really. Thanks.