Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Hopes and life.

Bukan ketandusan idea, tetapi kemalasan melanda. Rindu tak?

We all have plans for the future, be it in the near future or in the long-term. We always plot for the upcoming episodes. Say, next Wednesday we'll go and buy jeans, Xmas' gifts, new tops, new furniture. And when Wednesday comes, Friday we should go to the beauty parlor to get out hair and nails done. Come Friday, Sunday we should visit the folks at home and bring them the cookies and cupcakes we're gonna get on Friday.

Yeah, we all plan our futures I believe, near or far. Our hopes for tomorrow.

But really, when Wednesday comes, it's just that. You'd just look forward for Friday's outing. And when Friday comes, you'd look forward for Sunday.

Likewise, at 19 during exam week - in fact for the last past examinations for several years - I've always plan ahead. Oh, we should do this and that after exams, and the list goes on and on and on. I have and still am looking forward until the very last semester, and my convocation. Three more Finals and I'm off. You know, graduate, post-graduate studies and shit. Get out of this old place, and finally live.

Ah, but there's where I'm wrong. I've always thought I would live then (during my post-graduate studies) just like I have always thought 5 years ago, I'd be living during my undergraduate studies. You catch my drift? Soon, I'd think my life would only start when I have found the one.

No, no. Salah Jane, salah.

In fact, I think most of us that plan ahead think our lives start then. When you finally get that job you've wanted, or when you finally earn a wealthy living, or when you are hitched to the love or your life, or when you are out of your debts or when you have kids or . . . . .

No. Wrong, you are living. This is it, this is life. This is it.

Whatever rut you are in, whatever lifestyle you are having, that's you, that's life. Even if you are in a rut, this is life. Life does not come when you finally free yourself from the deep shit you are in only because it would be better. But thing is, when you have reach the better, it is not enough because humans' needs are never adequate. We are always wanting more. Hence, we look forward all the time for something more until we forget to see what's in front of us and we forgot to inhale deeply and live.

We're too busy looking ahead and catching something that's uncertain. It's not wrong to dream and plan, but just don't forget that this is life. It is not the future or all your fancy hopes and dreams. They are just mere plans, just like how you plan what to eat for dinner. They change in the course of time.

Just don't put your life in the hands of your hopes and future too much. Your life does not start then, your life is now. It has already started a long time ago.

P/S: ZJ, your tag I buat later, tengah malas. Sorry!


Che Eduardo said...

Moral of the story: Live for the moment.. Or is it?

Didn't miss u really; just one less enjoyable and invigorating reading material. I'm doing Marxisme know..

Messrs Peguambela?

Kenn said...

YES, I strongly agree with this post. Hope more people read this to be reminded.