Tuesday, December 30, 2008

All these things I've done.

It might have been the same for the past 19 years of my life. Like any other minutes, hours and days. Years come and go. From the last year of the 80s, right throughout the 90s until to almost a decade of the 00s.

I never understood why people make such a big hype over the New Year's celebration. What's the fuss? They are a bunch of many other people shrieking over colorful explosions in the sky. They do that every year, what more to say we are a country of festivities. Merdeka, Raya Cina, Deepavali, Raya Puasa - semua pun ada fireworks.

So what's the fuss? It's not like all of them really reflect upon what they have done, and what they are going to do. You know, the whole embrace life at its best, at the moment kind of shit. Maybe there are, but that might probably involve substance abuse.

But really, where do they get all the drive and mood to party hard? I mean, just because its New Year. Last August, they were probably partying their asses off, but they are not half as patriotic as most foreigners that crowd the morning parade. Where's the significant in there?

Take a deep breath. New year is not all about how you had party hard, or how you make a mess out of the person next to you with a can of spray. Or how you finally get that New Year's kiss, despite whether its passionate or not, just because it's New Year. Or which girl you brought home just to clear the pipe. Or where did you go, or which crowd made the most noise and shit.

Heck, I don't even know what the New Year is about.

Like any other years, life has been the same. Like those fine graphs you had to draw for Additional Mathematics, Physics, or Economics. They fluctuate because of many other several outputs. Nothing new, they just gradually increase or decrease unless you have go through one hell of a deficit such like the Great Depression.

People come and go. Several years back, when you were too busy justifying the cool and the lame, you meet people that are much similar to you. Hours passed as days do, down the road, they are people who have seen bits and pieces of the world, and what the glorious world has to offer them. The same familiar faces that had collectively altered their principles, beliefs and views. The same familiar faces, and that tiny familiar feeling.

But that is not enough. People come and go as do affections. The world is such a beautiful place that people have to venture out and explore them much like Columbus. And as you are out there venturing, there are more people you meet. Life is so varied that at times you would have to make spaces for new details.

As you venture the world and its possibilities and wonders, you can either be too caught up living in the fast lane, you forget to take a hard stare at yourself. You lose yourself, like you would lose many other things and people in life. But never mind losing things, or people because you know somehow you would find it hidden somewhere in your memory or that dusty corner of your heart.

Like that old flame of yours.

You see, as days pass and years come and go, people just keep coming and they keep going. They are almost inconsistent. They come and go at the most unexpected time. Then you'd find new distractions, new things that would keep you company as time pass. The cycle never ends. Inconsistency and uncertainty. Change, change and change.

Could be that little habit of you buying Skittles but several weeks later, or days even, they are just like any other candies. You know, that sudden craze. But of course, there are that consistent desires or affections. Probably unrequited even. Like family, or your deepest passion.

I guess it is just amazing how days passed and years come.

People come and go. We get to know them, be amazed, amused, or even judgmental. Trends keep refreshing from the afro hair-do, to that tight bell-bottoms, to skinny jeans and ties, to ridiculous craze over a pair of Tigers (and comparing whose is nicer, or more unique) to hip-hop craze, to the indie hype. From the whole bohsia hype, to punk and skinheads, to sk8er bois to br3akers, to 'I-have-a-band', to shuffling. What's next? I am a fucking anorexic and I bought a fucking pair of awesome shoes and jeans from that high street store? Or I am fucking in love with the whole new concept of Chic-Lit with a vampire in it?

No, not saying its wrong. Just saying how amazing things change. We grow gradually and we don't even notice it. We are too busy living that sometimes we forget to relate ourselves. We are too busy venturing and exploring the boundaries that we get caught up.

We, need to keep doing that, but with our inner selves in tact, so we would not lose each other along the way.

Happy New Year my dear friends.


mchllchn said...

Actually I think every festival is an excuse for a lot of people just to party. And for clubs to make more money.


*cosmic freak* said...

Happy New Year adik.

More hugs in 2009 ok. ;-)

Che Eduardo said...


Have a good 2009..


nurulshima said...

hey, happy new year!

Jumping Jane. said...

Merry new year people :)

I think I may stop writing, or may be not. Entah lah, tengok macam mana.

*cosmic freak* said...

you've been tagged!

Click to Climax said...

New Year's Day is a Day for computer games!!
*like all other days*