Saturday, April 04, 2009

Eeeeee, ada ke?

Mengulas tentang isi esei walhal Cicero dan anak muridnya secara general.

"Oh, that's so shallow, honey!"

Honey, I think you'd be the shallow one since you think it's shallow of me to think as such. Tak pernah dengar ke, esse est percipi. Frames of references, associations of prior knowledge and novelties. Hence, fucking subjectivity. Thus, your semantic ambiguity is made up of that lah, DUH!

And out of a sudden, I'm shallow. I'm gonna blow your mind with AKAB's gun, since he got rid of it and all.

Or is it just me, being egocentric?


Che Eduardo said...

cicero scarily sounds familiar..

Click to Climax said...

When I heard that being said I went "o fuk" in my mind. Cuz I realized that our 10 page deep graves are a lot deeper than we expected. sigh.

jane said...

Oh great, I forgot someone from class reads my blog.

But Ken, it's not shallow lah. Its how we argue.

Blardy hell.

Click to Climax said...

no worries I am on the "no honey, it's not shallow" side. so I won't tell.

Yeah it's how we argue, that's why I was shocked when so much weight on LAW was brought into the picture and u kena tembak instead haha

Zulkarnain Azman said...

I hope you are not talking about this guy~ lol kan siti? hahah