Sunday, April 05, 2009

Where I've really been. Or where I still am?

Definite, indefinite. Apparently we are all here indefinite of the things in lives. Walking, jogging, maybe running towards the something(s) that would clarify the definites. Almost absolute definites.

I am tired of this cognitive war.

Tired, of mentally walking and running from the things that scare me. Tired, of mentally walking and running towards the things that facilitate life. Tired, of abstractly chasing the possible selves; the ideal self.

Indefinite of what we are supposed to learn from these phases. On how we're supposed to juggle these shitty colorful, plastic balls. On how we are to manage the entire system and plan the plans ideally.

On the real meanings on what this entire thing is really about.

Indefinite of the definites. Definite of the indefinites.

Boleh jadi gila, tau tak?