Tuesday, April 07, 2009

How much longer, sir?

For outputs, there must be inputs. For inputs, there shall be indulgence. Perhaps a long, intense embrace. Also, there shall not be ignorance. 

Or yourself fighting against yourself. Have you not heard?

One's greatest enemy, is oneself. Maybe in any forms at all. Egocentrism, and all that. Those little substances that had built you along your "journey". For the destination doesn't matter as much as the journey(ies). 

For outputs, one shall embrace inputs. To embrace inputs, one shall seek light in search of inputs. Could be in any forms at all. Could even be your greatest enemies - happiness, dreams, egocentrism, loneliness, irrationality etc.

Could one be so afraid of being happy? That when happiness comes flooding, peace assimilate to your mind and soul; your enemy questions of the rush of happiness. 

As if such state of bliss is mere illusion, metaphysical states that when materialized, you're too afraid to embrace. 

A fucking phantasmagoria. Fantasies materialized? It is as if having little fairies flying into your bedroom window, and you flying into Neverland.

The so called "ultimate output". The never-ending search for a state of bliss. Peace. At ease.

But to embrace inputs, we are ought to have doubt. Like the mad (somewhat genius) writer embracing love, and self-reflecting. The drunk poet embracing loneliness in the streets of Frankfurt. The pseudo-soulmate in our heads that facilitate our lives.

Embrace this, like how I embrace this sudden rush of emotions. Embrace this, like how you'd embrace your sudden rush of emotions. 

Embrace this, like you know that you are being embraced by yours truly, metaphorically.

I wonder; how much longer, sir?


Zulkarnain Azman said...

and again after all we are our own hell...

N said...

ok kak, saya mengaku tak faham, walaupun boleh berpura2 faham. saya ternyata bukan ahli falsafah.

jane said...

Haha, mari saya fahamkan.

It's more like, a form of saying: one is one's muse.

Or pseudo-muse perhaps?

But one is frighten that the reality contradicts.

Simple really.

pinknerd said...

i was JUST talking to jack about this two nights ago.


jane said...

That just shows that Jack, you and I are the same people.

Why fret, Pink? Heh.

Anonymous said...

expression of love-hate relationship towards psychology again or im getting this whole entry wrong?

jane said...

You're wrong Anon, and you must be someone from FB.

Anonymous said...

heh,woops.sorry then.yea you're right.i'm definitely from facebook.so what is this entry about,make me understand. clearer

nurulshima said...

i agree. one's greatest enemy, is onself. soooo true..